Main Uses of Foam Padding

Main Uses of Foam Padding

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Foam is perhaps one of the most versatile commercial products. It has numerous applications in the industry. It is used to create products that live up to customer expectations and standards. The commercial use of foam is huge and it is worth knowing about. We have listed some of the main uses of foam padding below in this write-up.

What Are The Main Uses Of Foam?

As you already know foam has a wide range of commercial applications in the industry. If you are looking forward to ordering good quality foam then you can order it from The Foam Factory. Here are some of the main uses of foam you need to know about.

  1. Mattresses: Foam is one of the main requirements for manufacturing mattresses. Visco foam which is also known as memory foam is the most popular foam that is used in the manufacturing of mattresses. The specialty of the visco foam is that it can take the shape of the compressing body and return back to the original shape once the weight is removed. Well, it is because of this reason that the cost of visco foam mattresses is high. However, it is long-lasting.

  1. Seat Cushions: Foam padding is also used in the production of seat cushions. Foams such as closed cell foam, neoprene foam and cut foams are used for the production of outdoor seats. These type of foams are water-proof in nature and therefore, they are suitable for outdoor use. High-density foams are mainly used in the production of high-end furniture which makes it both durable and comfortable to use. These type of foams are actually suitable for dining chairs.
  2. Packaging: Foam is also used for packing fragile materials and items. It acts as a protective cover during shipping the products. It helps in protecting the products from getting damaged on the way. Polyurethane foam is considered to be ideal for this purpose. That’s because it is light in weight and also affordable.
  3. Exercise Mats: Laminated and closed cell foams are sued for the production of exercise mats. These type of foam is actually perfect for making mats used for yoga and other exercises. These type of foam is light in weight and also very much portable as well.

Well, these are some of the main uses of foam. It is one useful commercial item which has several applications.