List of Vital Bathroom Tools That Any Homeowner Will Find Indispensable

List of Vital Bathroom Tools That Any Homeowner Will Find Indispensable

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Regardless of whether you have just taken possession of a new condo or have been living in your ancestral home since your childhood, you will indispensably need a tool kit, including a list of vital bathroom tools. Perhaps, all homeowners will agree that the bathroom is easily the most heavily used area in the entire abode and at the same time, the most neglected space as well. Nevertheless, since most of us tend to spend quite a lot of time in the bath, relaxing in the tub after an exhausting day at office or simply to recharge our batteries, maintaining the orderliness of the spaces is indisputable.

Following is a list of the vital bathroom tools that you could do with when it comes to removing grout from tiles, replacing the toilet roll holder or the washbasin faucet. These accessories and tools are must haves for any household.

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  • Plungers for toilets and washbasins

How often have you found yourself in a bind attempting to clear a clogged toilet conduit or a blocked sink drain? Stocking a pair of plungers, one for the sink and the other for the toilet is a must if you want to keep the outlet pipes for both the fixtures free from clogging. After you are through with using the plungers, do not forget to clean the same using cleansing solution and hot water.

  • Cleaning supplies and scrubbers

 Your bathroom will tend to accumulate grime and get dirty even if you happen to clean the spaces every week. Over time, the spaces in between the tiles on the floor and the walls, the shelves, cabinet drawers, toilet seat, bathtub, and the washbasin become layered with scaly deposits, and grout.  Stock a few good quality cleansing solutions and scrubbers that help in getting rid of the grime without abrading the surfaces.

  • Wiping blade for shower

Keep your bathroom moisture and mold free courtesy the wiper blade for shower. Keeping the spaces spic and span becomes convenient when you use this wiper blade for wiping cleaning the shower door or curtain, the mirror above the sink, bathroom windows, and so on.

  • Pliers for unscrewing rivets and loosening bolts

Need to replace the old, worn out faucet, replace the toilet seat or pluck out studs from the walls? Keep a set of locking pliers handy in the toolkit for bathroom.

  • Utility Knife

The versatility of a utility knife makes it an indispensable tool for using not only in the bathroom but also in other areas of your home. You will need the utility knife for slicing through cartons and boxes, dicing duct tape or painters tape, and much more.

  • Screwdrivers

A screwdriver comes to your aid when you need to replace and/or install new fittings, remove or fix hardware, change the door lock, and so on. Stock an array of screwdrivers including a flathead, slot head, and Phillips head.     

  • Sandpapers

Sandpapers come handy when you have to hone a knife or scissors, sand a cabinet made of wood, clear grout from tiles, and a host of other cleaning tasks.


The bathroom in your dwelling is one area where you lock yourself every day to cleanse yourself before you start your day or retire to for relaxing after a grueling day. Therefore it does not need to be exaggerated that you must own a set of bathroom tools for maintaining its cleanliness as well as keeping it fit for use.