Leonid Afremov’s Philosophy

Leonid Afremov’s Philosophy

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The craftsman Leonid Afremov was conceived in city of Vitebsk, Belarus in 1955. Leonid started developing his experience by painting different pieces of art with oil and partaking in different shows. In any case his ability reached its height of glory just when he moved to Israel in 1990. The burning southern sun loaded up with hues and brilliance made Leonid’s works of art a phenomenon. The craftsman himself is a self assured person and this can be effortlessly found in his inventive works of art.

Life and Career in USA

When he reached the United States in January 2002, he had in excess of one hundred works of art available to him. Afremov ended up compelled to paint just restricted topics and subjects to make a living for himself. There was no space for imaginative faculty because he had to fulfill his needs.

As a result Afremov had no space to paint something from his spirit, something he extremely needed to paint. He had to turn to painting what the exhibitions needed and could offer. He nearly surrendered any desire for painting what he extremely needed. He was in the middle of a hard quandary, paint what he needs and starve or paint what the exhibitions propose and run his kitchen. But he never gave up. He followed his instincts.

Masterful Philosophy :

Leonid Afremov is best known for his ability of being politically impartial. His compositions are not hostile to anybody nor send any concealed messages. The works of art more often than not mirror certain individual recollections and feelings. Leonid Afremov endeavors to attract the watcher to have a specific inclination instead of recount a story by means of the sketch, or have the watcher see the world how he sees it. The impartial qualities of Afremov’s craft make the works of art capable of interacting with any social, ethnic and age group. Leonid Afremov has been voyaging broadly and has taken numerous photos of various scenes that he later painted. Relatively every artwork he painted has an extremely individual motivation. His specialty can be reflected as exceptionally positive through the brilliant type of colors he employments. Leonid Afremov cherishes  different creatures; he has had cats all through his whole life. He has painted numerous artistic creations of cats, puppies,tigers and even giraffes. The main political sketches he has are of bull-fighting , where he attempts to demonstrate before the watcher the pitiless idea of the game and dishearten the watchers from preferring bull-fighting.

Business Philosophy:

Leonid Afremov never needed to end up a celebrated craftsman or a costly craftsman. He thinks about each sketch as his kid, or a bit of his spirit. The main thing he has constantly needed is to present this kid to the world. The primary painting painted initially cost a large number of dollars, however a diversion looks similarly as great and does not cost much since it’s not exceptional. With his novel palette knife style it’s difficult to reproduce a work of art 100% a similar way. Each stroke of the palette knife resembles a unique mark which is difficult to rehash.

These qualities make him stand out of all the contemporary artists.

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