Learn about the Different Kinds of Curtains and Their Draping Styles

Learn about the Different Kinds of Curtains and Their Draping Styles

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The curtains at your place will play a major role in enhancing the appearance of your room interiors. The main purpose of a curtain is to protect you from the sunlight and some privacy from inquisitive peeks. However, it is essential that you find the most appropriate curtain that matches the interior of your home, so that you can synchronise all the elements in your property. There are different kinds of curtains and there are different types of draping styles.

You need to learn about them to make sure that you buy the perfect one. If you are confused about the designs and styles, you can even seek the help of an expert or any interior designer who will help you in getting the best kind curtains and draping styles suitable for your interiors. In this article we will be discussing about the kinds of curtains and the ways of draping it, properly.Image result for Learn about the Different Kinds of Curtains and Their Draping Styles

What are the various types of curtains?

There are various kinds of curtains, which are suitable for different kinds of room interiors. Some of the most common ones have been explained below –

  • Ascot valances – Such curtains can give a traditional touch to your house. In this, a pointed triangular design will hang above your regular curtain. Many of such designs are even enhanced with tassels. However, it is always advisable to go for two rods to place the ascot valances, properly.
  • Austrian panel – If you are looking for something formal for the room, then the Austrian panel curtains will do the job. These curtains are made from sheer fabric that is collected at the top to give it a rough look.
  • Blinds – The cheapest alternative to curtains are blinds. They are made from different kinds of materials. Many people prefer to add fabric to their blinds just to enhance their appearance, however many others prefer them as it is. The most essential fact to keep in mind is that they are extremely easy to clean.
  • Draperies – Such curtains are considered as the most efficient. They are made from a thick fabric that has a thermal lining on the back, which will property your property from excessive heat and cold.

What are the different kinds of draping styles for your curtains?

There are various kinds of styles for draping your Paneeliverhot. The four most popular ones have been discussed below –

  • Rod-pocket panels – If you have thin fabric curtains, you can go for the rod-pocket draping styles. The fabric is extremely easy to hang because it is enfolded on the rod without any hassle.
  • Panel with rings – If your curtain is made from thick fabric, you can go for a panel with rings. In this, the fabric is draped through a set of metal rings for extra support.
  • Pleated panels – The curtain is pleated and then hanged with the help of metal or plastic rings.
  • Tab-top panels – In the tab-top draping style, a tab is sewed separately at the top and the curtain is hanged with the help of these tabs.

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