Latest technology trends in televisions

Latest technology trends in televisions

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Technology is moving at a fast pace and every year, we witness astonishing breakthroughs in diverse fields. Television is also witnessing a technological revolution. Companies like Samsung, LG, Sony, and others are spearheading the revolution. If you are purchasing a television then you must keep up with the latest trends so that you don’t invest your money in obsolete technology.

We have identified latest technology trends, for example the best 32 inch LED TV in the television industry that will be seen in the near future. These technological transitions will be a game maker for the manufacturers and a surprise for the consumers.

Declining Sales of 3D TV

The technology trend is not just about innovation and development; it is about the redundant technologies as well. It is important to emphasize on this fact so that buyers won’t spend their hard-earned money on televisions integrated with outdated technologies. For example, 3D TVs were a rage 2-3 years back. But now, these televisions are witnessing a decline. Similarly, curved TVs are also on the verge of extinction.

Keeping an eye on the trends is a wise option if you are thinking about purchasing a television. These televisions are integrated with the latest technologies, whether it is 4K resolution, high HDR, and so on.

4K Resolution TVs

If HD and Full HD resolution allures you, Ultra HD resolution will surely blow your mind away. In 2017, 4K resolution televisions will witness an exponential rise in demand since the affordability factor goes in favor of the buyers. The difference between HD and Ultra HD televisions is gradually diminishing.

However, 4K resolution televisions still need a robust technical configuration to produce surreal video quality. For the buyers interested in economical range of televisions, they can either manage with HD or Full HD televisions or increase their budget to procure a branded Ultra HD TV from online retail stores such as Amazon, Flipkart, Croma, Snapdeal, and so on.

OLED Technology

LCD and LED TVs had their share of the market for quite a long time. Now, it’s time to embrace enhanced screen display technology known as OLED TVs. The OLED TVs use organic semiconductor that emits light, thus, producing rich colors. Until now, LG had the monopoly of producing OLED TVs. But not anymore; Sony has entered the OLED segment with its flagship television models featuring OLED technology.

In response to the OLED technology, Samsung has developed televisions integrated with QLED technology. The Q stands for quantum dot, which is a nano-sized crystal technology that produces vibrant and mesmerizing colors.

HDR Domination

This is an unknown parameter, amongst buyers, yet it can significantly improvise the display quality. The manufacturers are tapping the potential of High Dynamic Range (HDR) to produce video quality that looks as realistic as possible.

For readers who don’t know HDR, it is that aspect that is responsible for adjusting brightness and contrast to produce realistic videos. For example, if you look at the clouds in the sky, you will witness a bright lining on the borders. However, in television videos, it will be hard to notice the bright lining. Higher HDR in televisions facilitates better quality videos featuring splendid and realistic color differentiation.

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