Know How To Decorate Your Home In African Style

Know How To Decorate Your Home In African Style

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African decorations will brighten any room and are so different from what’s usually put on display that immediately you have created interest and a talking point. African decor is about natural elements like timber and stone mixed with the colors found in nature: reds, browns, and greens.

Many items have a strong heritage and cultural backgrounds besides being great decorating pieces.

Owing to African tribal art using bright and contrasting color, you have striking visual focused positions or highlights that lead the eye from entry to a point that you want to be the main focus. The difficult part may be balancing all the splashes of color and shape together. This is an important part of interior design.

You don’t want to end up with the harsh contrast between colors and end up making a room or wall too cluttered with shapes that create disharmony. If you use the relationship of colors on an artist’s color-wheel, you can easily select hues that complement each other or contrast within the same color range.

Sculptures or masks may have to be tried in various areas and positions until you get that effect that pleases the eye.

For instance, although two masks may look great together while lying on the table, once they’re on the wall, they may look just a little odd. One on its own may be the way to go, or two different size masks, even at odd angles. Similarly with items like djembe drums and leather. Keep shifting them until you have a look and feel that is comfortable. The larger the room, the larger the items can be and so with a small room.

Plain color sofas can get a huge lift with Batik design cushion covers but make sure that the cushion color picks up on one of the other minor colors in the room in the same way that picture framers often select a frame color from one of the lesser colors in a painting. If you pick a design that features one of the main colors from your existing room design, the overall effect will be too strong in that particular color. Using one of the secondary colors is a way of getting everything in the room or on the wall to work together.

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