Kitchen Metamorphosis – how to renovate a kitchen in just a few steps

Kitchen Metamorphosis – how to renovate a kitchen in just a few steps

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The renovation or metamorphosis of a kitchen is always a good idea. Each interior should be refreshed every couple of years. Regardless of whether we decide to make a complete change or just make minor improvements, we should have a work plan and an estimate of the costs.

Well planned work is half the story. This will allow us to carry out the renovation without any problems, in a reliable and fast manner, and in addition will save us costs. So where should we start? We will try to answer that question.

Renovation of the kitchen or a small metamorphosis?
If we decide to make changes in the interior, we have to decide first of all how big they are to be. Whether our kitchen requires only a small refreshment and style change, or rather the replacement of ceramic tiles for splashbacks, household appliances or kitchen furniture, it involves more work and money.

It is also worthwhile to think about the functionality of the rooms and the solutions used in them when carrying out renovation works and changes. Metamorphosis is a chance to make the kitchen not only look better, but also become a place where preparing meals is comfortable and practical. Or maybe you will be able to create a common corner for eating together.

To begin with, you should draw up a kitchen plan and decide on the scale of the renovation. Carefully analyse the technical condition of the individual components. Because it may not be necessary to replace the tiles, but simply to place the glass splashback over the tiles. The same applies to furniture. Sometimes a small change is enough, such as changing handles in furniture or worktops, and the whole will take on a completely different character. What is also important is the budget that we have. It should be borne in mind that during such projects there are always expenses which we have not included in the cost estimate, but which are inevitable. That is why it is better to have the so-called blackheads in stock, which we will use for this purpose.

So, get well prepared and just start doing it!

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