Kinds of bathroom fixtures you can add to prep up the look of your bathroom

Kinds of bathroom fixtures you can add to prep up the look of your bathroom

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Though it is true that a bathroom is mainly used for washing your face and hands, for grooming, bathing and storing bathroom supplies, but there’s more to it. A bathroom can at times be used for infant care, dressing, hand laundering and many other activities. The typically four kinds of fixtures in the bathroom can include a toilet, a wash basin, a bathtub and a shower stall along with the other secondary fixtures like dressing cabinet, bidet and shelves for storing things.

Style and function are the two main things which are the reasons behind installing bathroom fixtures. Bathroom accessories Singapore can offer you the best accessories that you can get for your bathroom to prep up its look. Here are some more that are worth considering.


For every bathroom, the towel bars are extremely necessary as without them, it is extremely tough to hang your clothes and towel. Since they’re towel bars, they needn’t be plain and boring as there are a wide array of shapes and styles to select from. You can install circular or curved bars rather than the straight or standard ones. You may even buy sets of towel bars which have got different lengths to hang body as well as hand towels. Rather than just investing in wood and plastic, you could try satin nickel ones or brass towel bars.


Adding too many mirrors inside one bathroom is not a wise idea. You can either choose from the conventional bathroom sink mirror and also the one which is available with the medicine cabinet. Apart from these choices, you may even add a floating mirror which is wall mount. You can hang them so that you can easily see those hard-to-notice areas of your body. There are 7 inch and 8 inch models you can go for.


These are the few must haves and they can help in defining the style and look of the entire bathroom. You must be habituated with metallic faucets with glass or plastic knobs but now it’s time to think out of the box. Try different materials so that you can add a fresh look to your bathroom. There are ceramic faucets with valves rather than knobs and they’re also easy to install.


Though this is a small bathroom fixture yet this is definitely a convenient one. You don’t require throwing your bathrobes on the toilet or your towel to the floor. You can settle down your bathrobe or your towel by hanging it in the hook. This also gives an elegant look to the bathroom. The hooks come in plethora of options and weigh 10 pounds. They are either made of pearl nickel or bronze.

So, now that you’re sure about the bathroom fixtures that are available in the market, you should choose the best and the most necessary among them. Make sure you get them from a reputed store so that you can grab a reasonable rate.