Keeping Your Fountain Clean and In Good Working Order

Keeping Your Fountain Clean and In Good Working Order

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There are so many benefits to having an outdoor fountain on your property. They are relaxing and visually appealing, for example. However, they are also prone to getting dirty, which is why it is so important to clean them on a regular basis. Cleaning allows the fountain to stay in good condition over time. There are a few tips you can utilize that will help you maintain your fountain.

Have the Right Tools

If you have a stone fountain, you are going to have to scrub to get it sparkling clean. This will be the same for all forms of outdoor and indoor garden feature manufacture. Therefore, you will need a tool to help you get all the dirt off. A scrubbing sponge can help; simply pick up the same kind that you use on your dishes in the kitchen. The sponge will get rid of any lasting grime, totally transforming the fountain. However, it is important that you get rid of any soap that is on the fountain. You don’t want there to be lasting suds, because it is not good for either the fountain or the wildlife that enjoys the fountain.

Pressure Washing Can Help

If you do not want to put a lot of elbow grease into your fountain, try pressure washing it instead. You do not have to own a machine; just go to a home improvement store to rent one for the day. The tip in the shape of the fan works wonders on fountains, so try using that first. In addition, you must get the pump clean, too. After you are finished, just put water back in the fountain.

Use Vinegar

Vinegar works wonders as a cleaning agent. Simply combine one part white vinegar with two parts water. Using your sponge, rub away anything that is on your fountain. This cleaning agent can even tackle hard water stains. You will have to use a bit of elbow grease, but the vinegar attacks the buildup on your fountain and leaves it sparkling clean. When you are finished, make sure you put water back in your fountain.

Use Bleach

If you have a particularly big issue to tackle, try bleach. Combine bleach and water, and using your sponge again, get rid of any dirt that has accumulated. However, keep in mind that you cannot leave any bleach sitting on the fountain. You must use water to get it all off when you are finished. If you leave the bleach on, it could hurt the wildlife; much like for humans, bleach is not safe to consume. Bleach and water are also an effective cleaning agent for the water fountain pump as well.

More Tips

To avoid having a mess later on, work to prevent any problems from building up in the first place. Regular maintenance can work wonders at keeping your fountain clean. Get rid of any debris as soon as you see it. Put in new water on a regular basis. Also, if you are using fresh water, you can give the water that you take out to the surrounding plants so that it serves a useful purpose.

If you want your pump to last longer, the water should consistently cover it. When it gets cold outside, take the water out of the fountain and bring the pump to a warm, dry place. In addition, use a cover to protect the fountain from the elements. Ice inside the fountain could cause serious problems. For example, the fountain could break or crack, and you might have to replace the product entirely if that happens.

Fountains do attract mosquitoes. There is a way to help with this issue, however. Look for products that were created to keep out mosquito larvae from the fountain. Always look to make sure that the products you use in the fountain are okay for animals, though. Also, cleaning your fountain on a regular basis helps to mitigate this issue as well. You do not want a bunch of these pests ruining the experience of having a fountain for you. Therefore, take a little extra time to ensure that you do not have as much of an issue.

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