Keeping Pests Away

Keeping Pests Away

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When you see pests in the home, such as flies, roaches or fleas, you want to get rid of them as soon as you can. These small pests can multiply quickly, and they can carry bacteria and diseases that can make you, your family and your pets ill. Some of the issues you might experience include a rash or redness of the skin or further health issues if the pests carry diseases, such as Lyme disease from ticks. There are a few ways that you can keep your home free of pests for a safe environment for everyone in the house. 

Essential Oils

There are a few essential oils that you can put around the house that will help to keep pests away. Peppermint oil works well for spiders and roaches. Lavender works to keep ants away from the home along with oils that have a lemon base. When you put the oils around the home, you want to put a few drops on a cotton ball. Place the cotton balls inside cabinets and in corners of the home where you’ve seen pests. 

Call in A Professional

If you’ve tried sprays, traps and other methods of keeping pests away, then consider calling a professional company like A technician can come to the home to search for areas where pests are getting inside. Products can be used to block the entrance to the home and to keep pests away, killing them on contact with most products that are used. Sometimes, the technician might need to come back again to ensure that all of the insects are gone and as eggs from the adults might hatch. 

The Smell of Garlic

Most of the time, pests like to stay outside. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t bothersome, especially if you’re trying to grill out or enjoy time with the family. Chop a garlic clove, and put the clove in a spray bottle with warm water. Wait for the garlic to disperse before spraying the mixture outside. You can spray the water and garlic on your plants, on trees, and around the yard to keep pests away as well as critters that might enjoy getting in your trash. Another idea if you’re using garlic is to add a bit of lavender and cayenne pepper. The pepper helps to keep ants away from the home.

Scents Of Coffee

Don’t throw out your coffee grounds. Instead, spread them around the outside of the home. Most animals don’t like the smell of the coffee, and the grounds are ideal for keeping away ants as the pests will die if the grounds are ingested. Focus on placing the grounds in areas where you’ve seen an abundance of pests or where you’ve seen a nest so that you can maximize the benefit of the product. 

There are numerous types of pests that can invade the home, but there’s nothing like the small bugs that are hard to see at times. These include everything from ants to fleas. Take control of your pest situation by using a few natural products or calling in reinforcements when they are needed.


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