Keep The Cold Outside of Your House This Winter With New Windows

Keep The Cold Outside of Your House This Winter With New Windows

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Canadians know that winter can be an extremely challenging season with sudden snowstorms and coldsnaps that make it difficult to leave the confines of your front door. While you may not be able to control the freezing temperature and heavy snow outdoors, you can at least make sure the winter weather doesn’t creep into your home. The ultimate way to protect your home from the persistent seasonal chill is to install high-quality windows and doors.

Taking care of your windows is an important step in winterizing your home, because they are often the number one source of heat loss. Instead of covering your windows in plastic wrap or hiding them behind curtains, get to the root of the issue: your windows are not good enough for Canadian winters. You will need to replace your old windows with high-quality, energy-efficient windows that can withstand harsh winds and temperatures.

To get the best windows to winterize your home, you will need to do some research to find the right window company for your renovation. If you are undergoing a major renovation, you will need to discuss your research with your project developer—to make this process go smoothly, choose a local company that is trusted by contractors and builders. An example of a reliable window and door company used by homeowners and professionals is Golden Windows—the company has been working hard to please their customers with high-quality windows for over fifty years. If you want to know what windows the company can provide for your home renovation, you can learn more at Golden Windows showrooms or call them for a consultation.

Here is checklist of essentials to look for when you are getting replacement windows:

  • Vinyl frames for insulation and moisture-resistance
  • Low emissivity glass that includes Argon gas for heat retention
  • Double paned or triple paned windows
  • Weather stripping, double weather stripping or triple weather stripping
  • Professionally installed and sealed with caulking

The last point of the checklist is absolutely essential for your home to be properly winterized — windows should be installed and sealed with caulking by professionals to get the best results. Do not treat window installation like a DIY home improvement project, because if you install or seal the window improperly, it will be an unfortunate discovery to make in the middle of winter. The error will also cost you more money in order to re-do the installation and fix your mistake, instead of getting the process done correctly the first time.

Canadians know that the winter season technically goes from December to March, but in reality, winter weather can start as early as October and end as late as May. In order to shield your home from months of cold temperatures, strong winds and heavy snow, you will need to winterize it by replacing your old windows with better ones. Getting high-quality energy-efficient windows professionally installed in your home will prepare you for the hardest season of the year and keep the cold outside.


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