Important Prep Tips for Professional Rodent Control Service

Important Prep Tips for Professional Rodent Control Service

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If you see even one mouse in your house, it is less likely to be alone. It is more likely that the rodent is a part of a big family living in your house’s walls, basement or other hidden places. They usually spring to action at night and that is why, you rarely see them in the daylight.

DIY or Professional Service for Rodent Control


Most homeowners prefer DIY action when it comes to rodent control. The idea is not bad if only the rodents are few in number. But there are times when things get out of control and professional service is the only way to eliminate the problem. The best part of hiring a professional rodent exterminator is the person can evaluate the situation and make an action plan accordingly. What is more, they take the preventive measures and ensure that the treatment is as safe and long-lasting as possible.

Excellent pest control service for rodent elimination and prevention requires the homeowners to cough out a tidy sum but the effect justifies your spending.

How They Work?


The pest control professionals prepare a list of actions before starting the ‘elimination’ operation. These are called preparation activities and the homeowners need to ensure that preparations are done before the exterminators arrive at the sites. Here is a list of the commonest recommendations or requests from the professional service providers. You need to stick to the list even when you are buying over-the-counter pest control items yourself.

At this point, you may ask if prep work is important or pest control is possible without it. With no preparation in place, the treatment is likely to turn out unsafe for the residents and may not be as effective as expected.

Preparation Steps


  • You must store all food, which is not canned, in the heavy plastic containers or fridge as long as the service is going on and even for a couple of weeks after the work is completed. These items include chips, cereals, candies, breads, grain-based food. Follow the same rule for pet food as well.
  • If you have kept anything on top of your refrigerator or beneath the kitchen sink, remove those so that the professionals have an easy access to the areas.
  • Repair the holes around baseboards, doors and in walls. The rodents can easily get into the small gaps and holes.
  • On arrival of the technicians, tell them about the situations and the areas where you saw them.
  • The professionals may have to use different traps and baits for good results. Don’t touch those during the service and even after it is completed.
  • Regular cleaning is integral to a strong preventive action. Keep your house as clean as possible. Use a lid on the trash can and throw the trash away regularly.
  • Get rid of unnecessary storage such as clothing, boxes, paper etc. These are the perfect shelters for the rodents. They eat into the items, build up their nests and thrive in a geometric progression.
  • For a long-time preventive action against mice, rodents and all other pests, always follow the above-stated tips.

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