Important Features Of TdX 20 Refrigerant

Important Features Of TdX 20 Refrigerant

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Bluon Energy is a business that specializes in manufacturing refrigerants that are used in HVAC and refrigeration systems. The refrigerant is important to increase the operational efficiency of the HVAC systems. R22 or Freon was the widely used refrigerant in the past. In fact, R22 is quite energy-efficient and HVAC compatible. But the main issue with Freon is it is responsible for damaging the ozone layer of the planet. Hence, the world leaders who convened in Montreal in the late 1980s decided to phase out the substance stage by stage. Freon is manufactured in limited quantities today in order to service the existing HVAC units that run on the refrigerant. But the substance will be completely banned from being manufactured or imported to the United States from January 2020. That is why you should consider shifting to an alternative refrigerant for your HVAC systems before the deadline. That is where Bluon Energy’s TdX 20 or R20 comes in handy. The substance has numerous advantages to Bluon’s TdX 20 or R20. This article offers information on important features of TdX 20 refrigerant.

Bluon Energy consists of a team of seven directors with an extensive background in HVAC engineering, business development, finance, and construction. The team of technical advisors has an extensive background in servicing the needs of HVAC clients. Hence, Bluon Energy knows what they are doing when it comes to the development of an alternative refrigerant to replace the ozone-depleting R22. TdX 20 has been hailed as one of the best alternative refrigerants to R22. It is energy-efficient and eco-friendly at the same time. It will keep your current HVAC equipment in place and keep them running more efficiently and longer than with any other alternative refrigerant on the market today. That way R20 isn’t just a replacement for R22 but an actual upgrade for that matter.

All HVAC systems work by changing the liquid refrigerant to gas and back again to a liquid. It will absorb and dispel heat in the process. In fact, TdX 20 will take this liquid-to-gas change process to a new level. It has five constituent refrigerants that phase change in a certain sequence. That way the coil surface area is able to absorb more heat in the process in order to improve the efficiency of the HVAC unit. In fact, TdX 20 will improve the overall heat transfer in the process. The compressor workload will be reduced as a result. This will lead to a lower amp draw as well as a reduced compressor head temperature. It improves the stability of the compressor and reduces the noise during the operation. The vibration of the unit is also reduced as a result. Hence, the lifespan of your HVAC unit will increase over time. You save money due to these reasons – such as the reduction in energy bills and improved lifespan of your HVAC system.

TdX 20 will cause the same R22 compressor to operate at a smooth and consistent amp draw. This will decrease the wear and tear of the equipment and prolong the lifespan of the system. You don’t have to replace the system for a longer period of time due to this reason. Here are some of the other application of refrigerants – Bluon Energy of shifting to TdX 20 refrigerant.

Bluon Energy designed TdX 20 to help the environment in many ways. In fact, you are able to do your part towards nature while saving money when you shift to TdX 20 before the R22 phasing out deadline comes into effect in January 2020. TdX 20 is packed with so many beneficial features so that you can easily make the shift before R22 is completely phased out in 2020.

While R20 is eco-friendly since it doesn’t damage the ozone layer of the planet similar to R22, it is also energy-efficient at the same time. There have been hundreds of tests conducted to determine the energy efficiency of TdX 20. The results of these tests are quite impressive. In fact, the measured energy saving ranges from 5% to 25% depending on the HVAC system you use. The average energy saving is calculated at 15%. The energy efficiency and eco-friendliness of TdX 20 help the customer to reduce his/her carbon footprint on the planet. That is why you should shift to TdX 20 without further delay.

When you plan to use a replacement refrigerant such as R20 or TdX 20, you can use the existing HVAC equipment without doing any amendments to the units. This is another important feature of TdX 20. In fact, there is no other alternative refrigerant that comes with this benefit. You may have to completely replace the existing HVAC unit with a new one when you decide to use an alternative refrigerant such as R410A. If not, you have to at least replace the compressor and coils of the existing system for it to be compatible with R410A. But TdX 20 is different. You don’t have to replace anything when you decide to shift to TdX 20 instead of the outdated R22 refrigerant. You needn’t spend on new equipment when you use TdX 20. Bluon makes it really easy for your local contractor to optimize the existing HVAC units with TdX 20. In fact, any change in equipment would result in a higher cost for the client.

Changing to R20 is the safest and easiest solution for the R22 phasing out question. Once you make the shift, you won’t have to worry about anything for many decades to come. You will be facing a big issue when R22 is completely phased out in 2020. That is why it is important that you make a decision to shift to TdX 20 before this deadline. It will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Bluon Energy’s TdX 20 is one of the most effective and eco-friendly alternative refrigerants to R22. R22 will be completely phased out by 2020. The aforementioned read provides information on some of the important features of TdX 20 refrigerant.

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