Importance of using Sandblast Cabinet Gloves

Importance of using Sandblast Cabinet Gloves

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If you are planning on using abrasive blasting technique as a means of cleaning concrete, rusty metal parts or wood, consider using a full protective gear to avoid bodily injury. Sandblast cabinet gloves are part of this protective gear which ensures that your hands are protected during the sandblasting process. Without these gloves, your hands are exposed to burns and skin injuries which can be caused by high-speed particles released during the abrasive blasting process. Below are the reasons why you should use gloves while sandblasting. 

Protects your hand and skin from injury

During the abrasive sandblasting process, high-speed sand particles will be released. If these particles come into contact with your skin, they cause injuries and burns. By wearing sandblasting cabinet gloves, your hand will be fully protected from these particles.

Comfortable and easy to wear

 These gloves come in different sizes; you can choose the one that perfectly fits your hands. For maximum comfort, these gloves have a soft cotton lining on the inside which protects your hands from getting blisters after vigorous sandblasting activity.

Ensures a Firm Grip

 The heavy-duty rubber coating on these gloves has a slightly rough texture which guarantees a firm grip while holding objects. The firm grip helps a lot when it comes to the precision of abrasive sandblasting.

Filters out excess sweat

Your sandblasting task might be bulky and involving which can make you sweat profusely. This might affect your work rate since the gloves will no longer feel comfortable. With these gloves, you don’t need to worry since the inner part is lined with a thick layer of cotton which will absorb your sweat during sandblasting activity.

General Specifications of the Gloves

These gloves are commonly made using leather, rubber or any other elastic-like material. The composition makes them very durable hence saving you money; you will not make regular purchases. The internal cotton lining gives you a comfortable feeling and will also absorb the excessive sweat after long hours of abrasive sandblasting or during a hot day. These gloves are long enough such that they do not only cover your hand but they also extend to the forearm thus providing maximum protection. 

If you are regularly involved in abrasive sandblasting tasks, you should consider purchasing sandblasting cabinet gloves. These gloves come in various sizes, color, and price range. You can also order the slightly expensive customized sandblast cabinet gloves which will be made according to your specifications.

It is imperative that you use a full protective gear when carrying out abrasive blasting. The gear will protect you from injury caused by high-speed sand particles released during the process. Also, in unfortunate circumstances, the blasting pipe might blowout hence exposing you to high-speed blasting material. To ensure that your hands are fully secure during abrasive blasting process, you should purchase sandblast cabinet gloves which will guarantee you maximum protection.

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