Imitation gold mosaic-The patented product of Jinyuan mosaic

Imitation gold mosaic-The patented product of Jinyuan mosaic

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Jinyuan Mosaic focus on gold foil Mosaic for 20 years, is the leading brand of GOLD MOSAIC tile industry, we have a number of national patent technology of gold foil Mosaic, and passed the SGS inspection certification in Germany. In the industry, the author here to discuss the related knowledge of gold foil Mosaic, hope useful for everyone.

1,The history of gold foil

Discovered the earliest production of gold foil is the Nile basin of ancient Egypt, gold foil is the Chinese nation traditional crafts in China, originated in eastern jin and mature in southern dynasty, popular in song, qi, liang, Chen, Nanjing is the birthplace of China’s gold foil, China nanjing gold foil legend has been nearly 1700 years history, now Nanjing center, is the world’s largest gold foil production accounted for 95% of global gold production. In May 2006, Nanjing gold foil forging technology was listed by the state council as the first national intangible cultural heritage list.

The ancient civilizations of the world have great skills in making gold foil. Ancient Egyptian pharaohs mausoleum unearthed cultural relic proof, Egypt early mastered gold foil processing technology. Gold foils were found in burial sites in the Sahara in Africa about 3, 500 years ago (1500 BC). In Europe, the medieval time of Hamburg, Vienna and other places already had the gold foil processing industry. Among Asian countries, Japanese gold foil manufacturing skills are exquisite, the products are excellent, the main producing area is the jinzawa city of ishikawa prefecture. Chujin can also produce tin foil, copper foil and so on, processing methods and gold foil.

2,The type of gold leaf

Gold leaf has “red gold”, “gold” not, since late qing dynasty, has “kujin foil”, “su big red”, “tian chijin” many appellation. “The gold leaf” is red, gold is the best, and zhang zi is the biggest, about three inches square. “Su da chi” color is yellow, the color is poor, zhang zi is about two inches square. The color is shallow and white is called “tian chijin”, the color is like gold but actually is used silver to make “choose gold foil”. Sichuan sanxingdui, jinsha unearthed commercial gold foil handicrafts are very representative, such as gold leaf tiger, gold leaf phoenix, gold foil frog decoration, gold foil fish decoration, etc.

3, The difference between real gold foil and high imitation gold foil

In general, we can observe with the naked eye that the true gold leaf is green to the light, and the imitation gold foil will not be green in light. And true gold foil is more thin than clinquant, true gold foil hand touch that is broken, and clinquant than real gold foil is thick, hand touch will not be broken, and true gold fears not the fire, burn also can distinguish true and false, clinquant main raw material is copper, copper by burning produces copper oxide and black, but real gold can’t. If we were to measure the pure gold content of the gold foil, we would have to go through the specialized instruments, but we could also distinguish between the human eye and the human eye, which is 9 red, 8 yellow and 7 green. The amount of gold in excess of 90 is red, the content of 80 is yellow, and the content is 70. Now, the gold foil has been incorporated into modern science and technology, and the auxiliary materials (such as ujin paper) and equipment have been greatly innovated, and both production and quality have been greatly improved. Will carry forward traditional gold foil technology, modern science and technology developed a new type of gold foil, such as use the technique of high-tech laser light in the purity of 99% of the gold foil on the engraving, hot stamping technology products, has value, the collection, memory and appreciation value.

  1. The type of gold leaf Mosaic

  1. According to the relative position of gold foil and glass, it is divided into surface gold foil Mosaic, sandwich gold foil Mosaic, and gold foil mosaics

  1. The texture of glass is divided into planar gold foil mosaics, wavy gold foil mosaics

  1. Depending on the shape of the product, the tiles are divided into square gold leaf Mosaic tile, long strip gold-foil Mosaic tile, hexagon gold foil Mosaic tile and other exotic GOLD MOSAIC TILES.

  1. According to the type of gold leaf, there are 24Kat real gold Mosaic, 18Kat high imitation gold foil Mosaic, cold spray gold Mosaic tile, etc.

  1. According to the gold foil can be divided into different colors: gold Mosaic, Mosaic of platinum and rose gold Mosaic, metal Mosaic, Rankine Mosaic, grey gold Mosaic, etc all kinds of color gold foil Mosaic.

  1. Depending on the glass embryo, the gold leaf Mosaic can be divided into hot melt edge gold foil Mosaic, straight cut edge gold Mosaic.

  1. According to the surface brightness of gold leaf Mosaic, it is divided into the gold foil Mosaic and the matte gold foil Mosaic.

  1. Gold glass Mosaic material and high imitation gold foil mosaics

Gold Mosaic process routes on the following, the price of gold Mosaic order from high to low is: metal Mosaic, gold foil Mosaic, liquid gold Mosaic, high imitation gold foil Mosaic, glass Mosaic, plating Mosaic of cold spray powders. The high imitation gold foil Mosaic and really gold Mosaic color, surface appearance of the closest, almost reached more than 95% of the degree of approximation. General dilettante person it is difficult to discern the real gold Mosaic and high imitation gold foil Mosaic. But high imitation gold foil Mosaic price is only about 1/10 of the real gold Mosaic, and is the important material of gold foil in the modern decoration. And than the original background wall gilding process more easy construction, lower cost, and because of the protective glass layer, will never fall off color. There are now instead of setting wall direct gilding craft, and because the height seems to be real gold Mosaic, cost and extremely competitive force, therefore, in recent years, high imitation gold foil Mosaic of real gold Mosaic market erosion is very big, almost replaced by more than 80% of gold Mosaic market.

The development and alkali resistance of high imitation gold foil mosaics

High imitation gold foil Mosaic Originally to generic with aluminum foil and copper foil, color is more matte, is the most important is aluminum and copper is extremely active metal, easy to react with alkali to cause discoloration oxidation phenomenon. Because we want to use adhesive, in decorating a process adhesive cement is the main ingredient. The cement with water or damp environment can release OH – alkaline ion, react with aluminum foil and copper foil.

Time in 2008, jinyuan Mosaic company finally developed the alkali resistance of gold foil Mosaic (see the company patent certificate and SGS inspection report), found that the metallic silver metal is a very lazy, does not react with alkali, and overcome the silver in the 2200 – degree heat from solid sublimation as the core technology of the gas, completely solved the high boiling point of the technology of solid silver foil is made of silver, silver staining and subsequent into gold, rose gold foil, gold, red gold foil, gold foil, a series of techniques. A complete solution for high imitation gold foil Mosaic industry conquer the gold foil alkali resistance, waterproof, permanent discoloration.

Since Jinyuan mosaic successfully solved the high clinquant alkali resistance, waterproof, high imitation gold foil glass Mosaic has been rapid development, combined with other material Mosaic tiles, all kinds of GOLD MOSAIC WALL ART, gold foil Mosaic shear painting varieties more and more rich. The application of setting wall is more and more widely in various kinds of Mosaic. Since then, the noble gold foil Mosaic art has really begun to popular in the ordinary home.