Idea to Throw Rugs Around for Style And Snuggle Feel

Idea to Throw Rugs Around for Style And Snuggle Feel

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Throw blankets are common furnishing accessory. They are more than functional. It means they add warmth, colour, style, and pattern to any room. You can drape them anywhere because they are light in weight. Throws are best items for holiday and housewarming gifts.

If you are confused and looking for new ideas to add throw rugs then below are great ways of throwing them.

Protective cushion barrier

If you own a pet, who likes to sit on the sofa then position throws on seat cushions to keep pet hair off.

Headboard throws

A funny print draped over the upholstered headboard gives a new look. Use Velcro to keep the throw in place.

Colourful back cushion

A chair with neutral colour looks appealing, when a couple of throw is folded length-wise and draped over the chair. Tuck throw tightly below the seat cushion.


A thin throw folded and draped length-wise over the arm of the individual sofa looks great.

Casual cascade

Throw a rug with fringed edges over the left or right side of high back chair. No need to fold it, just allow the fringed edge to fall near the sofas back leg. It will look cosy and warm. Casual cascade style cosy throws are very nice to snuggle up on cold winter nights.

Guest room

A simple guest bedding can look personal and warm by draping a folded throw length-wise across the bed on the foot side.

Twin beds

Patterned and solid throw bedding can add attitude to twin beds.

Big bed

Throw blanket in deep brown shade laid on a king bed with light bedding adds warmth and cosiness.

Fur throws for messy look

Lush fur looks better, when it is messy. It is very thick, so cannot be folded. Just drape it in the corner of the sofa and tuck it a little here and there.

If you add big furry throw in the bedroom then lay silky sheets underneath to feel like a superstar!