I rented my house, then imagine what I saw!

I rented my house, then imagine what I saw!

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Hello dear friends. I would like to tell you something which happened not so long ago. I have a mid-class house in Dubai. I cannot stay there for long. My family lives in Turkey and I visit Dubai from time to time. It is so much that I don’t stay 2 months a year all in all. So, I decided to rent my house then. You know that there are many foreign business men in Dubai. I rented my house to an American business man for 6 months. So, it is better than the house being left vacant. I also assumed that I can obtain a hefty income from this. Anyways, after sometime I had to visit Dubai again due to business related reasons. At that moment, I wanted to see the house and visited it. You cannot imagine what I saw!

I would not like to tell you these but that situation which I witnessed was miserable. That so-called businessman had ruined the house and there was thrash, garbage and dirt everywhere. I called him but I was unable to reach him. I had received the Money but the man was not around. So, I secured myself by first changing the locks of the house. After that, I had to have the house cleaned. Because if I left the house like that, no one would have even entered the house. In this case, I could not have done the cleaning myself. So, I made an agreement with a Cleaning Service. I gave them all the authority to clean my house from top to bottom.

My House is way much cleaner than before!

I had to travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi for a 3 days task. In the meantime, the cleaning service continued its activities relating to house cleaning. After completing my works, I returned to the city and checked the situation by visiting my house at the first opportunity. Everything was wonderful. The stains and dust on the seats were removed. There was no sign of those pitch-black curtains which were immaculately clean. I even wondered if they were so nice when I bought them new. Then the floors. There were major problems on the floor. But thanks to the cleaning personnel, they made the floors also like new using their best efforts. If we come to the toilette and bathroom hygiene, I can rate their cleaning performance at these areas as Aplus. This is a company which makes its best efforts to perform and give the best results in all tasks they undertake and they do more than anyone can to achieve this with outstanding efforts.

Yes, dear friends. When you visit Dubai one day and need to have your cleaning Works handled, Justmop Cleaning Service will never leave you halfway.