I got my Gym redesigned through UrbanClap App

I got my Gym redesigned through UrbanClap App

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Time keeps on moving, and so does the world. It is very important to upgrade yourself with the time. If you don’t change as the time pass by and remain constant, you will be left far behind. In today’s world where the competition is sky high and there is no room for any error, you just cannot leave yourself staying far behind others. You need to always take care of yourself and your belongings and upgrade them with the demands of the modern times. Though we tend to upgrade most of our items regularly, still there are some which we gleefully ignore. For example, we would change our smartphones as soon as a new model arrives in market and keep it upgraded with time. But we tend to ignore the property that we live or work in for years. Yes, we certainly do repairs when there is any damage which surely happens to every property. But largely you will see people redesigning their properties even after a number of decades.

I am a gym owner in Chennai and this was the case with me as well. I opened my gym back in the year 2002 and it still looks the same. If there was any damage here and there, I would just get that part repaired and left the rest as it is. When I opened my gym, I saw my hard work coming to fruition as a lot of people became members and bustled through to the gym every day. It slowly became one of the most successful gyms in Chennai and all I did was bask in success. But off late, I have seen a massive downfall in members. Most people who come to my gym complain that is hasn’t got what modern gyms provide. It is still quite old and they just don’t feel like working here. That is when I realized that maybe I needed to change the way my gym looked. I needed to take my dwindling business back on track and redesigning the entire gym according with the needs of the modern times seemed to be a great idea. It was there and then that I decided to hire some interior designer in Chennai to give my gym a new shape and color.

Couldn’t find a good interior designer in Chennai

The idea was there, and now was the time to hire an interior designer to get the job started. So I contacted a local interior designer whose office was situated nearby my gym only. He surveyed the gym and explained me his plan. I straightaway didn’t like it. He presented few more plans but I was left unimpressed. Moreover the fee he was charging was way above my budget and hence I had to politely reject him and search for someone else.

So, straightaway I picked up a newspaper and began searching for a good Interior designer in Chennai through the classifieds section. After going through for about half an hour, I was able to find a couple and contacted them immediately. One number was not reachable and the other one was again out of my budget. So I put down the phone disappointingly and was worried as to where would I be able to find a good interior designer and that too within the stipulated budget that I had.

Found the answer through a Client

Next day, I was talking to one of the members of the gym. I explained to him how I was searching for an interior designer in Chennai and how I wasn’t able to find anyone who would have some good plans and would take up the project within the budget that I have. He listened to my problem and then asked me if I had heard about the UrbanClap App. I said no I haven’t heard about it yet. Then he explained to me that it is a great app where you can just register yourself and then pick up any service provider. He told me that they provide a number of services to their customers and have the best service providers on board. He then asked me to download the UrbanClap App and find the best interior designers in Chennai from there.

Tried UrbanClap App and it Worked

So I immediately downloaded the UrbanClap App on my smartphone. The app installed within seconds. As soon as I opened it, I was asked to register on it. It provided option of registration through Facebook and Google as well. I registered through my Facebook ID. Then I was taken to the home page of the app. The first thing which caught my eyes was the wonderful user interface and the perfect classification and division of the various categories. It made it very simple and easy for the users to identify and select the services that they were offering.

So, I proceeded and selected the interior designer option. A prompt came up and I was informed that I will need to answer a few questions first so that they will get to know about the services I require. I clicked on Next and proceeded ahead. Then questions came one by one. There were like 6-7 questions in total. Firstly, they asked about the type of property we had. Like if it was a home or an office etc. Secondly they asked if we only required designing or needed execution along with it as well. I selected only designing as I had pre arranged labor for the execution process.

Further, I was asked if only a few areas were to be redesigned or if I needed the entire area to be redesigned. I chose the option of the entire office. Lastly, I was asked about the available budget as well as the location. Then my request was forwarded to partner designers of the UrbanClap App. I was informed that I would soon receive texts or calls and quotes from an interior designer in Chennai.

Quick Response

To my surprise, I received texts and calls within an hour. I talked to the representatives from a couple of interior designing firms. They seemed to be really nice and understandable. They seemed to be eager to take my project. They sent their designs and samples to my email id and those were some seriously good designs.  I liked the designs from Kumar interior designers more. I called them back and asked them to make designs for my gym. They quoted the final fees and it was very well within my budget. Within a couple of days, they started working on the project. I was regularly kept informed about the status of the project. Within one week the design was ready and then I gave it to the labor I had previously hired to put the design into effect.

Why you should try UrbanClap?

My gym was ready in 3 weeks. When I looked at it in the new Avatar, I was thrilled to say the least. It was beautiful and the existing members were impressed as well. Besides this, within a few days I saw an impressive increase in the number of clients. This was all made possible by UrbanClap App. I just loved the experience and I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

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