How You Can Eliminate Plumbing Problems in Your Home

How You Can Eliminate Plumbing Problems in Your Home

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Plumbing problems are bound to occur in your home at any time, and they can cause damage to your property forcing you to spend a lot of money in remedying the situation. To avoid incurring huge plumbing bills, it’s important to undertake regular preventive maintenance of the plumbing system in your home. Although you can deal with some of the plumbing issues on your own, some of the problems will require the attention of professional plumbers. Morning Noon Night can help fix your plumbing problems whether small or big. The company provides you with a reliable 24 hour plumber who can respond to your needs at any given time. You can use these preventive maintenance tips to avoid major damage of your plumbing systems:

Unclog Drains

Clogged drains is the most prevalent plumbing problem in most homes. We often ignore drain maintenance until they clog. That is when we realize the damage they can cause to our homes and huge costs associated to repairing them. However, you can take proactive measures to avoid disastrous effects of clogged drains. Here are tips to help you avoid clogged drains.

• Use strainers- To avoid the accumulation of particles in your pipes, which cause clogging, use strainers in your kitchen sink to keep out food particles. Also, regularly remove the debris that accumulate on the strainer.
• Avoid oil and grease -To prevent clogging of your kitchen drains, minimize the amount of grease, fat and oil on your sink. These oils can be cleaned easily from the sink, but can stick to the inside of pipes leading to clogging. Always run hot water after cleanups to avoid grease build up in your pipes.
• Clean your clogged pipes using enzyme cleaners- non-enzymatic cleaning chemicals often fail to eliminate all debris in pipes. In addition, their prolonged usage causes corrosion in the pipes. Therefore, it is important to use enzyme-based cleaners that contain essential bacteria that breakdown clog into liquid that can easily be washed from the pipes.
• Check and remove soap scum, hair and other dirt that accumulate on bathtub stoppers. You should also regularly replace worn out stoppers in your bathroom.
• Some foods such as banana peels, coffee grounds, eggshells and potato skins are sticky and don’t grind well; they should not go into your garbage disposal. To ensure that waste from your garbage disposal runs well down your drainage system, steadily run cold faucet water while using the garbage disposal.
• Mind on what you flush down your drain system. Papers, diapers and sanitary towels should not be flushed down your toilet.

Monitor the water pressure

High water pressure can also be a source of plumbing problems since it increases stress on the pipes, which can cause leakages. Therefore, it’s useful to keep the pressure of water in your system within acceptable ranges. You can use hose bib gauge to ensure that the pressure of water is within the standards of your plumbing system. Installing a pressure regulator can also be helpful in safeguarding pressure level of water.

Repair leaking pipes

Ignoring Leaky pipes for a long time can result into a major plumbing problem. If you spot any signs of a leaky pipe, promptly seek the assistance of a professional plumber to fix the problem immediately. In addition, you should insulate pipes that run through cold areas of your house.

Routine checkup of drain and pipes

Call in professional plumbers to inspect your whole plumbing system. This will ensure that small flaws in your system are fixed before they result to major damages. There should also be regular inspection of the septic tank. Ensure that tree roots do not interfere with the network of pipes that run to the sewage system.


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