How Well Designed and Properly Maintained Parks Benefit Your Community

How Well Designed and Properly Maintained Parks Benefit Your Community

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The Local Park

It’s vital that local parks should be well-maintained and pleasant. It’s necessary so that people will come in, stroll around, meet and get to know each other. In fact, the park can be the beating heart of any local community. There should be lots of green space, park benches and well-ordered paths for walking or jogging. It goes without saying that there should be a good number of trees. They are vital from an environmental point of view, not to mention the fact that they contribute to the beauty of the park and provide a welcome break from unrelieved green lawns.

Necessity of Trees

Trees provide homes for animal and bird life. They provide passers-by with shelter from rain. They provide the planet with lungs. No park is ever really complete without them. I’d rather have one good tree than ten well-ordered flower beds. The beauty and strength of nature is embodied in a tree. But it is vital that the trees are well cared-for and maintained in order for the park as a whole to thrive.

Maintenance of Parks for Community Life

It goes without saying that the park must be regularly maintained. The grass should be trimmed. The flower beds, if any must be tidied. If there’s a pond, it should be cleaned out regularly. Equipment such as swings etc. should be maintained in the best possible condition. And the footpaths should be in good condition too as that is vital for the safety of walkers and joggers.

Maintenance of Trees

In order for a park to become vital to a community, it should have the features mentioned above. But the most important of all those features is the trees. The maintenance of the trees is of huge importance. Tree care and maintenance contributes to the value and beauty of any property and this is as true of public parks as it is for private property. To begin with, the trees planted should be suitable for the local soil and climate of the area. The local authorities should ensure that the trees are inspected and pruned regularly by botanical experts. Any kind of tree health problem should be noted and treated at the earliest possible incidence. Most importantly, trees should be protected. If necessary, they may need some specialised products to help them to maintain their health and strength. It may not be possible to derive all their nutrition from park soil. They cannot be left to their own devices. Trees are a precious resource in society today and no effort should be spared to ensure their health and growth. They should also be protected from vandalism.

Well Worth the Grounds Maintenance Charges

Parks bring local communities together in a time when everyone’s increasingly busy and less community-orientated. As members of the public, we shouldn’t mind contributing to grounds maintenance through our local authorities, because the park concept benefits the community as a whole. When it comes to investing on community life, local authorities can’t go wrong by designing and maintaining parks. They’re a bonding point for neighbours of all generations. So, don’t just sit there. Find your local park and take a stroll today. You’ll be glad you did.

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