How to Use the Corners in a Room to Enhance the Decor

How to Use the Corners in a Room to Enhance the Decor

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Every room in your house or office has 4 corners. Most of the time these corners will just be corners with nothing used to enhance or decorate them in some way.

Living room or entryway

Now to enhance your room you could put a piece of furniture there. In a corner of your living room you could put a corner sofa or a living room chair and in the corner of your entryway, you could put a knickknack cabinet to show off your frog collection or whatever you are collecting. Don’t try to put something in every corner as often that just makes the room look cluttered – one corner is enough to make a difference to the look and feel of the living room.

There is an online website called Corners and it has some great suggestions for what to do with the corners in your room.

Dining room

More storage, artwork display space or a roaring fire can improve the corners of your dining area. Picture a family dinner during the winter with a fire that is roaring in the corner. That makes quite a pretty picture.

If your dining room is large, it is the perfect place to make a reading spot in the corner – an armchair with a lamp can turn into everyone’s favorite place to read.

A secretary desk is great to use in a dining room corner especially if it is a family heirloom – the top can be used to display your family china, and the hidden desktop can hold serving pieces to that china with the drawers making the perfect storage place for dining linens.


A corner in your bathroom is perfect for a new bigger tub. Or if you already have a nice sized tub, then in the corner have a walk-in shower installed. It will look great and walk-in showers are all the rage in modern bathrooms.

For more information on corners then go to And remember to enhance any room in your home, just put something in one of the corners.