How to Use an Electric Deep Fryer?

How to Use an Electric Deep Fryer?

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Many people try to avoid fried food, but still there are some of them who just can’t do without fried food in their daily diet. For such people, having an electric deep fryer in the kitchen appliance collection is always beneficial.

Electric deep fryers aren’t very complicated to operate once you get to know their functionality. It is a very unique way of cooking and very few people have any kind of direct experience of using a deep fryer. A deep fryer can cook many things and the technique of using the fryer only changes slightly with change in ingredients.

There are different types of fryers available in the market. These steps are only on how to use a deep fryer and not a turkey fryer or an air fryer. Therefore, do not follow these steps for them. They are applicable only for electric oil deep fryers.

Every air fryer manual will have the instructions to guide how to use it. However, if you have lost your deep fryer manual or are not able to find it at the moment, these instructions can guide you.

  1. Fill the Fryer with Oil: Once you have decided the type of oil you would be using for frying (olive oil, refined oil etc.), fill it into the deep fryer’s container. Make sure you don’t overfill the container. The containers generally have a minimum fill line and a maximum fill line. Therefore, this step is going to be really easy for you.
  2. Turn the Fryer on to Make Sure the Heat Level Is Right: This step varies according to the model you have. Some models have an option to set the time and temperature, while some just have a ‘switch on’ and ‘switch off’ button. Some even start by just plugging in. Make sure the oil doesn’t get overheated. There are many models that do this automatically with the help of a thermostat, but you should still keep an oil thermometer.
  3. Ensure That There Is No Water on Food: It is a well-known fact that water and oil don’t mix. So, make sure that your food is completely dry before you put it in the deep fryer.
  4. Put the Food in Slowly: When it comes to traditional frying, the risk of getting splatters is more as you need to lower the food slowly. However, in case of an electric fryer, there is a tray or basket of some sort in which you can put the food. This tray can then be lowered into the container and easily locked in place.
  5. Set a Timer or Wait for Some Time: You don’t want your food to become overcooked and greasy. Therefore, if you can wait around, you should wait for some time, or else put a timer so that you are notified as soon as the frying is done so that you can take food out.
  6. Remove the Food from the Container Carefully: As most fryers come with a basket or a tray, you can easily lift that tray out of the fryer. Make sure you keep it above the oil for some time so that excess oil from the food drops into the container.
  7. Let the Food Dry for Some Time: This is generally a practice that should be followed. The outer oil gets removed if you let the food dry for some time. In case you don’t do this step, you would either get a mouth full of extremely hot oil, which is painful, or you would be putting excess oil in your body, which is not healthy.
  8. Eat: Once you have made and dried your food, just get some sauce and seasoning to serve with your fried food and enjoy the deliciousness that you have created.

Most deep fryers come with a manual; in case yours doesn’t, then use these fairly simple steps and in case it does, take these steps as reference and cook your delicious meal with the help of reference manual provided by the manufacturer. To learn more about electric fryer you can check