How to Tell When Your Paver Patio Needs Restoring

How to Tell When Your Paver Patio Needs Restoring

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Paver patios can bring value to your home and create a peaceful outdoor living space that can be used by people of all ages. The investment of a paver patio may seem overwhelming at first because the initial price to have a paver patio installed is usually expensive. What many people are unaware of is that paver patios require little on-going maintenance, which can actually save you money in the long run. Maintenance on paver patios can be completed to ensure that your patio is properly modernized and continues to look brand new.

To keep your patio looking that best that it possibly can far into the future, it’s important to understand the appropriate times to restore your paver patio. As an owner of a property with a paver patio installation, there are signs that you can look for to know when the right time is to hire a paver patio restoration contractor in Columbus, Ohio.

Signs to Look for

Remaining alert of the signs that can be spotted to imply paver patio restoration services should be acquired can result in an improved safety for the visitors of your property, as well as perhaps saving you money down the road. Have you ever heard the saying, “Don’t let the little things turn into big things”? Big issues can be avoided simply by staying educated and knowledgeable on the importance of proper upkeep of your paver patio.  Elements that may mean it’s time to restore your paver patio can be found below:

  1. Settling

Settling can occur when the foundation of the paver patio is not laid correctly which can result in some of the blocks to sink down into the ground, creating an uneven surface. This can be determined with a level or, on some occasions, with the naked eye. In order to fix this issue, one could dislodge the blocks, remove them from their sunken state and reset them in the correct spot with polymeric sand.

  1. Shifting

Shifting occurs because the edging was done incorrectly. This results in the edging failing to keep the whole patio in, so the blocks shift and separate over time. When this takes place, the edge is moving away from the rest of the patio. To have a strong paver patio, you need solid edge system in place, driven in with metal spikes. You will notice that there are uneven gaps showing up between the blocks, which is a sign of damage.

  1. Weeding (polymeric sand)

This happens when the bonding sand between the blocks has eroded and weeds have made their way up through to the surface. Weeds sprouting up through your paver patio is unsightly and unattractive. One needs polymeric sand to prevent the patio from accumulating dirt, moss and others. Spraying with natural weed killer will also help control weeds but may erode the bonding between the blocks. Use a non-acidic and non-harsh chemical to kill the weeds without causing damage to the bonding of the pavers.

What A Paver Patio Restoration Company Will Do

  1. Cleaning

Paver patio restoration companies can help with the minimal on-going maintenance that a patio paver requires. Professional paver patio restoration technicians can provide cleaning services that include getting rid of dirt and moss build up by using specific paver patio cleaning products. A restoration company will test the cleaning product on a small corner to make sure the chemical won’t stain the paver patio. Once tested, the company will continue to clean your entire patio.

  1. Sealing

Sealing is the act of adding a protective layer to your paver patio to prevent future dirt and moss build up. Sealing your paver patio will keep it looking better longer. Experienced paver patio restoration contractors use natural stone sealer products. It is best to consult with a paver patio restoration company before taking on a patio restoration project.

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