How to Prepare Your Camper for a Long Road Trip

How to Prepare Your Camper for a Long Road Trip

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Summary: Keeping your RV well-maintained is something that shouldn’t be put on the backburner.

Preparing your RV for a long road trip is much easier than you think, unless you have some major replacements like swapping out all of your camper cushions or replacing the engine. Nonetheless, owning an RV is the same as one owning a mobile home. It’s important to do a bit of housecleaning before you hit the road.

Check Each Cushion for Tears and Holes

Your RV cushions won’t last forever so it’s best that you check each seat to ensure that nothing’s sagging and torn. If you have a long road trip ahead, this’ll only mean you’ll be sitting uncomfortably the entire time.


If you a replacement, instead of replacing the entire seat itself, why not just purchase some brand new foam from a company like; The Foam Factory or any other specialty store where you could reduce the overall cost of the replacement by 50% or even more.

Replace any Mattress that’s worn

Larger RVs tend to have room to fit a mattress in a separate room or all the way in the back. Most RV owners pay no mind to these mattresses since they’re rarely used or used for a short amount of time. However, like any mattress, they won’t last forever and can start sagging and even garner bed bugs. Be sure that you take care of any RV bedding by doing a routine inspection for insects, sagging, and any other damages and replace them if necessary. Or, you can just take out the mattress if you feel uncomfortable riding with a damaged one.