How to maximize PV efficiency in minimal cost

How to maximize PV efficiency in minimal cost

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Many of the areas of the Earth are blessed with days lit with bright sunlight. The buildings of such areas can be converted into power-houses by trapping this solar energy for generating energy. Solar panels are made of PV cells that convert the light into electricity. This process needs undeterred transmission of the light to complete the action. They have found out the solution for maximizing solar PV efficiency in the form of coatings.

How solar PV coatings are helpful in maximizing output

Solar PV coatings have worked in multiple ways for maximizing solar PV efficiency. Firstly, these protect the PV panels from gathering dust and other contaminants that can interfere with the transmission of light. The deposition of dust, ash, coal dust, etc proves to be a menace. Thus, the solar PV coating with added advantage of self-cleaning virtue helps the experts in achieving functional efficiency.

Improving the PV yield

PV yield, i.e. production of wattage per unit area of the solar panels is another factor that has been enhanced with the use of coatings. These coatings made of self-cleaning glass or nano-structured silica bonded with resin matrix allows deeper light penetration. The better light input enables solar panels to produce more units of electricity per unit space of the panel installed.

Enhancing the functional life

The third way the PV coatings help maximize the yield is in the form of longer functional life of the solar panels. The maintenance experts needed to find some better alternative to regular wiping and cleaning of the panels. The self-cleaning PV coatings have provided much desired answer to this problem. The requirement of fewer units of water that rolls off the lower angles while taking the dust along has eased the maintenance concern.

Cleaner and well-maintained solar panels – this is what you get with PV coatings. The resulting solar panels not only has reported the longer shelf life but have also demonstrated better energy output.