How to Make Sure Your Fridge is Running Properly

How to Make Sure Your Fridge is Running Properly

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It’s easy to ignore the signs of a dying refrigerator. After all, as long as your milk is cold and your fruits last more than a day, most people are able to overlook other tell-tale symptoms of a failing fridge.

But when certain symptoms rear their ugly head, you might want to rely on Oakland refrigerator repair before it gets any worse. Here are some of the primary signs that your refrigerator needs expert help.


Your food is going bad

It’s time to stop blaming your rotting fruit on the production quality of the farm. If your food consistently goes bad early, your fridge may be to blame.

This is a primary indicator that your refrigerator isn’t maintaining a consistent temperature. Your fruit may rot, your milk may freeze, and your leftovers likely don’t stand a chance. Even if there are no outward signs that your food isn’t being stored properly, an upset stomach after dinner might also reveal that your refrigerator needs a little love and care.


Your top shelf is frosty

Signs of condensation and frost in your refrigerator is the kiss of death for many models. This means that your refrigerator is having trouble regulating its temperature properly, potentially putting the contents inside at risk for going bad. You might notice a lake of ice on your top shelf or even see condensation forming on the exterior of your refrigerator.

This is also a sign that your refrigerator’s defrost function isn’t working properly. Most models will run this function four times over a 24-hour period to mitigate ice build-up. If these symptoms persist after a quick tune-up, it’s time to bring in a professional.


It actually is running, but too much

“Is your refrigerator running? Then you better go catch it!” This old joke lives on because refrigerators need to run all the time to keep your food and beverages chilled. However, if you’re able to hear your refrigerator running or notice that it’s running almost constantly, it’s time to get a repairman’s expert opinion.

Though a busy household may open the fridge door a little more frequently than others, there are few reasons why your appliance needs to run so much. This indicates that your refrigerator is struggling to maintain the appropriate temperature. This could be due to an electrical issue, but older models might be on their last legs.

A newer refrigerator is quiet and only clicks on when the temperature needs to be adjusted. If your fridge is always running, then your electric bill will shoot through the roof and you’ll waste money on buying food that will only go bad in the end.


It’s hot

It’s natural for a working refrigerator to get a little warm every once in a while. Well, at least in the back of the unit where ventilation takes place (your fridge should never be hot on the inside). You may also feel a little warmth radiating from the coils in the back

But if your refrigerator reaches unusually high temperatures, it’s time to call a repair company. An untreated issue like this could lead to uncomfortable temperatures in the home or even a fire if you’re not careful. It might just be that debris has accumulated in the back and needs to be cleaned, but older models will struggle to work, leading to higher temperatures.


It’s cracked

Cracks to the interior of your refrigerator indicate that its on its last legs. While a quality repair person may be able to fill the cracks, a new refrigerator is a safer and more cost-effective option if you have an older model. Cracks are likely to return and release cold air, reducing the efficiency of your fridge. But before you buy a new fridge, be sure to contact a repair service to see if your fridge is worth saving.

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