How to Get Your Baby Grand Piano to the 27th Floor Where You Live

How to Get Your Baby Grand Piano to the 27th Floor Where You Live

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If you live in a large city or you live in any city in a building that has several flights of stairs you have to walk up, this is when you will be looking for a company that handles large or heavy furniture.

Type items

An example of the type furniture is:

  • A piano
  • Large sectional couch
  • Refrigerator
  • Large oven
  • Dish washer

If you have this type of items to get into your apartment or home you need to find the افضل شركة نقل اثاث الدمام

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Specializes in moving heavy and large items

That usually means you should look for a good moving company – but, there are companies that specializes in just moving heavy items into your apartment or office. They usually charge by the piece and how heavy it is. And they specialize in moving large or heavy furniture into an office or apartment that is for example on the 27th floor of a building.


These are items that are assets; a part of what wealth you have built. So you certainly do not want to have these assets damaged in any way. This type of moving companies know just how to protect getting any nicks or dings anywhere on that grand piano or that specially designed sectional couch made of fine leather.

Freight elevators

Of course, most buildings will have a freight elevator but that does not mean the elevator has the space needed for a very large for example; grand piano.

Pest problems

In areas of the world where insects can be a huge problem, the best furniture movers are pest control companies. They are excellent in moving furniture due to the fact that when they spray for pest the entire area needs to be empty of furniture. So these companies are experts in moving large and expensive furniture without any damage.

Custom made pads

Moving the furniture that is expensive is done by covering the entire piece of furniture with specialized designed padding used to wrap around every part of the item being prepared to move in or out of the area.

Other items

Other items that qualify for these expert movers include:

  • Medical equipment
  • Sports equipment
  • Equipment for hotels, resorts and hospitals.

So, if you have items of furniture that are extremely heavy or awkward and they need to go to your apartment or office on the 27th floor, you know you now have options.