How to Find the Right Cleaner Company for Regular and After Damage Home Cleaning?

How to Find the Right Cleaner Company for Regular and After Damage Home Cleaning?

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House cleaning for a working person is very difficult. They hardly can save time, especially with looking after kids. However, it is necessary to maintain a hygiene environment inside the house, so cleanliness is first priority. This is regarding daily cleanliness needs. Fortunately, you can get professional help for cleaning your home.

What to look for in a cleaning service?

Obviously, everyone desires a reliable agency with proven track record. Word-of-mouth is still a priority, so you can read online reviews. Social media friends can also help in referring their favourite cleaning service.

If you still doubt the reviews, recommendations and ratings then below are some etiquette questions you are unsure about.

  • Do I have to pre-clean before house cleaner arrives?

If you are paying on hourly basis then time spent in picking the clutter is the time not used up in cleaning. Obviously, it sounds good if you pick the clutter in advance. It allows the team to concentrate on thorough sweep or the time taken can be twice longer.

  • Should I be home, when they clean the apartment?

Some services need customers present the whole time and a few don’t. There are few cleaners, who encourage homeowners to stay away, so as to minimize disruption and ensure more meticulous cleaning.

  • What about my pet?

Majority of cleaners have no issue with pets, especially the well-behaved ones. However, make sure the potential company’s policy because some cleaners are allergic.Image result for After Damage Home Cleaning

  • Do I need to provide cleaning chemicals and tools?

If you are picky then provide the cleaners necessary tools and chemicals, but generally, cleaning agency does the heavy lifting. They carry everything except paper towel and vacuum cleaner. In case, you don’t own a vacuum cleaner then request them in advance, so they carry them to your home.

  • What other information to give the cleaners?

In case, there are fragile things or irreplaceable heirlooms inform the cleaner, so they will be more careful around them. If any fixtures or appliances need repair then inform them, so they don’t worry or feel they broke it. Tell the cleaners clearly how dirty your home is, so they come prepared.

What to expect from house cleaning services?

The thought of walking into a clean house, which smells and looks good just seems like a dream for working ladies. Once you find the right company or person and entrust your home then consider the services provided first.

Routine services offered

  • Thorough cleanup of bathrooms and kitchens
  • Dusting all surfaces including light fixtures and baseboards
  • Vacuuming the whole house
  • Mopping
  • Making beds

Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning means more detailed cleaning. For example, cleaning inside and outside the oven, range hood, fridge, microwave, ceiling fan, mini-blinds, under the bed, furniture vacuumed, door frames cleaned, cabinets washed, etc.

Things to consider


Frequency depends on your budget and needs. You can schedule cleaners once a week or month or other variations. Common choice homeowners opt for is once a week. You can even request a trial run of 2 to 4 cleanings, before committing for long-term package.


Deep or routine cleaning cost will depend on your home size, location, work scope, and frequency. The company’s personnel will pay a visit to your home to find out your cleaning needs. Make sure to get the quotes in writing. Every detail needs to be included in the contract.

Verify insurance & bonding

Insurance coverage protects you in case of damages and bonds cover the employee’s deceitful wrong conduct like theft. Avoid hiring cleaning services, which don’t carry a comprehensive insurance policy or bond.

Check the policy number with their insurance provider to verify that it is current. If the cleaning agency has more employees then check for worker’s compensation insurance for coverage against potential injuries to workers, while on job.

Other kinds of cleaning services offered

Besides regular home cleaning the cleaners provide a wide range of services like restore damages due to water & flood, fire & smoke and removing snow.

  • Water & flood damages

Water damage caused due to severe storm or flood or busted pipe is a huge pain. Water damages cannot be ignored and you need professional help instantly to prevent health problems and development of mould. Approach professionals at, they are the best cleaners, who are familiar with such scenarios and help to minimize property damages and saving significantly on losses.

  • Fire & smoke damages

Fire, smoke and soot damage needs to be restored quickly. Cleaners are aware about the steps to be taken for reducing the damage and cleaning your house. It is a traumatic situation for homeowners, but the professional cleaners are compassionate and committed to take steps that bring your home back to its original state.

  • Mold remediation

Water and flood damages make your home vulnerable to the growth of molds. The cleaning professionals locate the main source of mildew and mold in the home. They take care of the moisture, which contributed to the development of microorganisms and guarantee that there will be no resurgence.

  • Green cleaning

For more healthy and eco-friendly world, green home cleaning is the latest trend. Green house cleaning is beyond using natural products. The mantra is to ‘Safeguard Families’. Professional cleaners will decrease bacteria, germs and allergens, which makes family sick. Home gets disinfected against flu, colds, and allergies. All this means few missed school days for the kids and few missed sick leaves at work.

Cleaning services are trained, licensed and insured to deal with trauma scene & bio-hazard clean ups and even exterminates pests.


Clean home offers health benefits to you, your family, and the environment. Hire a reliable cleaning agency that makes use of safe eco-friendly cleaning products and tools. Make sure they are licensed, insured and bonded. Select a package in accordance to your cleaning needs and budget. Clean home is a luxury and you deserve it after all the hard work you put at work. It is time to pamper yourself…….