How to Design Your Dining Room Like a Hotel Restaurant

How to Design Your Dining Room Like a Hotel Restaurant

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Do you particularly enjoy the exceptional aesthetics of fine dining establishments such as a hotel restaurant? The strategic lighting that puts you in the mood to indulge yourself in a luxurious manner. The well placed and carefully thought of décor that delights your eyes. The table arrangement that makes you feel like a complete VIP.

You can recreate all of that right in the comfort of your own home. It is easy enough to make over your dining room so it automatically feels and looks like a hotel restaurant. Just follow the tips we have below and make mealtimes in your dining room a fancy experience every day.

1. Pay attention to the window treatments.

The right drapes or curtains can really change the look and feel of the room. Making them cascade from the ceiling down to the floor automatically provides a touch of elegance.

When choosing curtains or drapes, however, it is essential to invest in luxurious fabrics because they fall “naturally” and never feel stiff.

2.  Add a chandelier.

A chandelier is a permanent fixture in hotel restaurants so your dining room needs one too. This type of grand lighting will not just provide a touch of grandeur – it will illuminate the room in a magnificent way as well. Make sure to place it right above the dining table and the center of the room.

This lighting solution is always the leading “wow” factor in any dining area.

3. Put a buffet table against one wall.

This is a functional implement that also creates “room” for additional decorative elements to liven up your dining area.

You can display a collection of vintage plates on this table if you do not need to use it to hold the gastronomic spread for the day. Or, place other lighting options on it such as candles and buffet lamps, and even a gorgeous vase holding an elaborate floral arrangement.

Other accessories perfect for the buffet table are a silver service set, which you can get from flea markets, crystal compotes, and multi-tiered trays for desserts.

4.  Create symmetry.

Symmetry is the foundation of a good interior design. It always achieves the best visual impact because it balances everything. Unfortunately, not all dining rooms are created with symmetry in mind. Don’t worry though, because the right placement of decorative pieces can strike the balance any room needs.

To achieve symmetry for the dining room, here are some tricks.

·  For a single oddly placed window – add a faux window for balance.

Mirrors and paintings can outwork the “off-balance” appearance of a room due to an awkwardly placed window.

·  Use a pair of accent chairs or tall plants.

Placing accent chairs in areas of the room that lack symmetry can quickly achieve the look of balance. But if you do not want to sacrifice much-needed floor space, use a pair of tall, slender plants as alternatives.

5.  Hang art or a large decorative mirror on a big wall.

 A big piece of art or decorative mirror will look stately, and it can also enhance the proportions of the room.

6.  Add chair rail to the walls of the room.

For a hotel restaurant look, it is always better to go “chunky” instead of “skinny” when it comes to chair rail. Use molding for chair rail and proper wainscot to step up your dining room design. These details can make the room look amazing and posh.

7.  Decorate with fresh flowers.

Fresh flowers are decorative solutions that hotel restaurants use. They provide lovely pops of color, and at the same time, enhance room proportions especially if they come in an elaborate arrangement.

But the best thing about fresh flowers is they are quite affordable. Your local marketplace and even the grocer have them for cheap and you can arrange them yourself to meet your style preference.

See? It is not that difficult to recreate the sophisticated look of a hotel restaurant for your own dining room. This makeover project is not only a breeze to accomplish but quite affordable as well even if you hire the pros to help out.


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