How to Decorate Your Living Room the Exact Way You Want

How to Decorate Your Living Room the Exact Way You Want

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If you want to decorate your living room and make it look its best, there are many creative ways to do so. With these tips in mind, you can create a living space that’s uniquely yours while giving you full control over your style.

Take Stock of Your Current Setting

Look closely at all of your furniture and decor currently in the living room. If you want to make more space, get rid of any furniture that’s damaged, outdated, too small, too large, or that simply isn’t too your liking anymore. If it’s a sentimental piece such as a family heirloom, consider a new spot for it.


Now that you only have what you want to keep in the room, you’re ready to move on to color selection.

Select Your Color Palette

Color will be the means for setting the specific tone of the room. Cool colors such as blue and green will normally create a calm atmosphere, while bright colors like oranges, reds, and yellows will be more energizing. Neutral colors such as whites, grays, and tans will make the space ready for bright and bold accents.


Choose colors that you want to see on a daily basis, and take a look at your wardrobe and exterior lighting. Note the hues you tend to go for when it comes to clothing, as this can influence the style of your living room colors. If you keep an important piece of art or decor in the room, you can also choose your palette based on those pieces.

Determine What Your Style is

Take the time to read blogs and magazines, and view plenty of example photos, before selecting the final style of the living room. You can also use places such as Pinterest to check out what other people are doing. If you enjoy clean lines with exposed wood grains, for example, you may want to go with a mid-century modern style in the living room. Or, if you like painted wood and slipcovered seats, country decor may be more to your liking.

Purchase Your Furniture

Once you’ve selected a specific color palette and general style for your living room, it’s time to buy your furniture. You’ll want to start with the larger items such as rugs, sofas, and entertainment center furniture, because they’ll take up the most space and determine how to map out the rest of the room. Then you can take the time to decide on the smaller touches, including chairs and end tables. You may even want to consider a decorative chandelier in some cases if the height of the ceiling allows for it.


Taking all of these steps can help you create the perfect living room that serves as a great addition to the rest of the home. You’ll impress guests and family alike with a living room layout that is truly yours to call your own.

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