How to Decide on the Perfect Backyard Fence

How to Decide on the Perfect Backyard Fence

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In the strictest, simplest sense, a fence is a barrier that encloses a certain area or divides one area from another. It could be intended to provide privacy, prevent intrusion or separate your lawn from another. But in addition to the serving these simple functions, a great backyard fence needs to be so much more and can be when designed, built and maintained properly.

The best backyard fences not only provide protection and separation– they can become part of the landscape to add a level of beauty and style in addition to the functionality. Great fencing should become part of the home itself, possibly even to the point of defining its surroundings and the overall aesthetic of the land. However, before you can begin to design the perfect backyard fence, there are a questions you should ask to help ensure you get the perfect fit for your home and the surrounding landscape.

Why do I need a fence?

Although the perfect backyard fence can stand alone as a piece of landscaping architecture, it is still a functional structure, first and foremost. In fact, some homeowners may care much less for the how the fence impacts the look of the house as much as how it fills its intended purpose.

Therefore, the first thing that must be considered when designing any fence is the purpose that said fence is intended to serve. Are you wanting a solid, high partition that will give your backyard a level of privacy, or you do you simply need a small enclosure for a backyard garden? Or are you looking for a fence that will keep unsupervised little ones away from the pool and keep the neighbor’s dog out of your flowerbeds? Whatever the case, the purpose of your fence will impact every aspect of its design and construction.

What materials will I use?

Knowing the purpose of the fence will determine many aspects of its construction, and it will likely play a large role in the materials you use. While most backyard fences are still made from wood, vinyl has become increasingly popular and practical in recent years. Chain link is also still common for simplicity, and wrought iron is more readily available than ever before.

More creative individuals may even use unconventional materials such as repurposed wood, bicycle wheels or even surfboards. The possibilities are truly endless, and building a fence can be a great outlet for your own individuality and creativity. One popular technique involves incorporating a chalkboard or other writing/drawing surface within a traditional wooden fence. This can be a great idea for both kids and artistic adults.

How much can I spend?

When determining your budget, you first need to decide whether you plan to hire someone to build your fence or take the DIY route. If you have no experience in construction or home improvement, no number of guidebooks or YouTube videos can equal the expertise of a trained professional.

But if do have the necessary knowhow, your budgetary decisions will be largely based upon the materials you use. Chainlink will normally be less expensive than wood which will be less expensive than vinyl. However, price should not be the only factor in determining your materials, as there are many other important elements including durability, functionality, maintenance and quantity.

Hiring fencing experts may be your best option to ensure that you get a well-designed and well-built structure. As with any other home construction, you will get what you pay for in terms of experience and quality. Make sure to do your homework before choosing a contractor. Ask friends and relatives for recommendations; read online reviews; and view fences that they have built in the past.