How to Clean the Air Ducts on Your Own?

How to Clean the Air Ducts on Your Own?

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You can certainly save some money, if you can clean the air ducts of your home by yourself. A professional cleaning service provider will charge you hefty amount of money. Therefore, it is essential that you know how to clean the air ducts in proper manner.

Is the duct cleaning too difficult job? Certainly not and in this write up we will tell you step by step way to clean the duct and you will no longer require the services of any Alberta duct cleaning Calgary service providers.

First of all, decide when you must clean your duct. Following are few things that you must notice when you must decide to call a cleaning service or do it yourself.

  • If you suspect that mould has developed in the air ducts
  • If you notice ant, rodents or insects entering into your ducts and find the sign of vermin infestation
  • There is a layer of dust and that is clearly visible to you.

What you need for cleaning

You may need following items for cleaning the duct. Most of these items you can shop by visiting any online site.

  • Vacuum cleaner with hose
  • Dust brush
  • Cordless drill with Philips and flathead bits
  • Rotary dryer vent brush cleaning system
  • Microfiber cleaning cloths

How to clean

Follow the following steps

  • Remove the register which is quite easy to do. You can unscrew it by using cordless drill.
  • Use hot water and soap to clean the vent and then blow air to get it dry up.
  • Attach dryer vent brush with cordless drill and turn on the drill and clean the walls of the duct.
  • Now attach hose with your vacuum cleaner and try to suck the dust all around the duct
  • Now using the microfiber cloth try to wipe out all the surface of the duct. You may have to rinse the cloth number of times if the dust accumulated is much high and you are cleaning for the first time.

You will find that the duct has totally transformed with your own effort and there is no need to call any Alberta furnace cleaning service provider any more.

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