How to Care For Your Bowling Equipment

How to Care For Your Bowling Equipment

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With commercial bowling alleys getting more luxurious and expensive, people who love bowling are drifting more towards home bowling installations. Even though home bowling alleys are expensive, but the initial cost is acceptable in light of the benefits, there are from having your own bowling alley. However, when you install so much money on home bowling installations and equipment it is necessary that you also learn how to take care of the bowling equipment.

Proper caring of the bowling equipment means it will last longer and you can enjoy the bowling experience as the equipment will be in good condition.

Taking care of the bowling balls

The bowling balls are the most important equipment of the home bowling alleys and you need to make sure you are caring for them properly. The bowling lanes have oil on them so that balls can curve better and it also protects the lanes. This is why it is important that you clean the bowling balls with a soft towel and apply polish on balls to keep them oil and dirt free. Another important fact you need to know about the bowling balls is that, even though they appear to be rigid they can be easily affected by temperature. Do not keep the balls out in the sun as temperature above 80F can easily warp the balls leaving them useless. The cold temperatures can freeze the ball as well rendering them unfit for bowling. This is why it is necessary to keep them in a controlled temperature.

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Bowling balls need to have very smooth surface for the best performance. This is why you need to take care of any scratches on the surface of the ball. If the balls get dent or scratches you need to get them resurfaced.

Taking care of bowling shoes

Just like bowling balls, the performance of the bowling shoes is also affected if they are not properly taken care of. Learn how to clean the sole of the sliding bowling shoes, clean soles ensure that the shoes function properly and for longer. Dirt and residue in the soles of the sliding shoes obstruct them from sliding hence affecting their performance.

You do not need any special cleaning stuff to care for the bowling shoes. Just clean the soles with a mild detergent and warm water. You can also use shoe polish if you have leather bowling shoes. With proper care you can ensure that the bowling shoes last for many years. Properly cared shoes remain in good condition and perform the best.

Other bowling equipment

Other bowling equipments include bowling bags, gloves and cleaning gear. You can keep these equipments clean and in good condition by cleaning them with soapy water. Usually people ignore to care for these equipments, but there is no point of keeping your bowling ball and shoes clean when you put them back in dirty bags. This is why you need to take care of other bowling equipment as well.

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