How To Beautify The Exterior Looks Of Your Building With The Best Sandwich Panels

How To Beautify The Exterior Looks Of Your Building With The Best Sandwich Panels

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Sandwich panels provide you with a wide range of diversity to enhance your building’s appearance by modifying it with different colors, fabrics and variety of textures and exterior finishing.

Nowadays, the use of decorative and showy themes with the blend of three dimensional effects has led to a boost in facade admiration in the architecture world and thereby given rise to new, innovative manufacturing ideas. Let us here see how you can choose the best sandwich paneelid for your building and how it has revolutionized the architecture world.

These sandwich panels are used quite extensively for beautifying the exterior walls of tall buildings and bridges. Loaders and cranes with telescopic arms are deployed for lifting loads, and for reaching the higher parts of tall structures for installations. Most of the top construction companies hire these cranes for quick and easy  installation of panels.

Choose right materials and molds

There are limitless possibilities offered by the sandwich panels to give a unique look comprising of varying colors, fabrics and textures. You can choose the best combination for your building depending on your desired outlook.

Here, you must look at several factors like, what should you use as cement (white or grey cement), or what should be the appearance and size of the stones used. These choices of the material will greatly influence the impression of the building. One can also use color pigments to provide an internal colored look to the panel.

The molds used in the wall building is very influential in determining the appearance of the façade. The ordinary precast molds can be modified and made attractive with the help of extra equipment. These modified molds can be thereby used to create a variety of shapes and textures. The material of the mold can vary greatly including:

  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Iron
  • Steel
  • Silicon
  • Aluminum

It all depends on the desired outlook. The base structure chosen for the mould will also influence the wall’s color. Fibre reinforced concrete can be used to add integrated intricate patterns to the building depending on the architect’s perception.

Coating or exterior finishing

The panels can also be coated or covered in several ways. This plastering helps in restoring that traditional appearance for the panel. Some chemically mixed elements can be merged with the natural stone and concrete to give the desired result. Painted tiles can also be used.

Fresh concrete is soft and therefore, it can be worked upon easily while it is still malleable. The desired finish is obtained be sprinkling the chemical surface retarder on the mold, while it is still malleable. The mortar can eventually be removed by scrubbing.

Exterior finishing is limited not only to a fresh concrete, but it can also be done to a hardened concrete like a shot blasted concrete as well. The treatment can be light, intermediate or into the depth.

The deep treatment separates the paste, whereas, the light treatment only affects the shine of the paste. The panels can also be polished and glazed to get a shiny look and obtain the colors like turquoise or umbra.

Inexpensive and diverse construction options

As sandwich panels are made in factory, installation process requires less expenditure and minimum number of cranes and workers. The cranes can be efficiently used to lift and install the roof materials. Materials like flat ridges, purlins, eaves, etc. should be installed beforehand with the help of the crane.

Short panels exclusively reduce the cost because very less number of cranes and workers are required for installing it. If the panels are longer than 15 meters, cranes are needed for the installation.


Sandwich panels can greatly enhance the appearance of your building and thereby, enrich its uniqueness in the area. However, one needs to be extremely careful in choosing the best material for the panels, as it greatly influences the view it would generate.

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