How to Achieve Proper Carpet Care

How to Achieve Proper Carpet Care

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Proper and regular carpet care is very important if you want such carpet to last long and free from dirt and germs. When you carry out regular carpet care, you will not only preserve its life, but also keep it clean always.

In view of the fact that your carpet is one of your precious household properties, you must care for it adequately. Here are adequate carpet care tips for you to emulate.

Keep Dirt off Your Carpet with Doormats

Carpet care starts with keeping dirt away from it. To do this effectively, place doormats before it and tell everyone to wipe their shoes on the mat before matching on the carpet.

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Use an effective vacuum cleaner for Carpet Care

Buy a quality vacuum cleaner with greater efficiency for effective carpet care and more thorough cleaning. For more effective cleaning experience, your vacuum cleaner should feature HEPA filters. Although the equipment may be a little pricey, the result is still worth the money. At present, vacuum your carpet thrice a week. You can then increase the frequency to four times in a week, if there is too much traffic.

Blot spills immediately they occur

Another carpet care tip is to blot spills, as soon as they happen. In order words, if you spill something on your carpet, attend to it immediately, or else it will be difficult to remove the stains and can become permanent in most cases. Use clean towel or cloth to blot the stains and avoid rubbing or smearing it as that will spread the stain to other parts of the carpet. Continue blotting the surface until the liquid is absorbed completely. In case your vacuum cleaner is liquid friendly, use it on the area to remove moisture completely.

Use a Dishwashing Liquid to Wash stubborn Stains

Carpet care also involves using a dishwashing liquid to wash stubborn stains off your carpet. This can be the mixture of dishwashing detergent and water. Apply the mixture onto to the surface and allow it to settle it. Remove the moisture by blotting and then vacuum if required. Repeat the process until you are satisfied, if the spot is still there.

Carefully Read Carpet Cleaning Solution Instructions

Make sure you read the instructions on the label thoroughly before using carpet cleaning solutions on your carpet. Not doing this can result in incorrect usage and damage your carpet.

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Test a Small Portion of the Carpet First

Whenever you use any cleaning agent for your carpet care for the first time, first use it only on a small corner to test its effectiveness and reaction on the carpet. You can then use it on the entire carpet, if there are no damages.

Keep your carpet away from sunlight

Exposing your carpet to direct sunlight is a bad way to care for your carpet as this can cause the color of the carpet to fade. Therefore, make sure it does not fall on any part of your carpet.

Hire professional cleaning services on a yearly basis for your carpet care

No matter how good you may be in carpet care and cleaning, you still need the services of professional cleaners at least once in a year. This is necessary because they are carpet care expert who will remove dirt from your carpet and make it look as good as new one.