How Texas Prepaid Electricity Customers are Saving Money

How Texas Prepaid Electricity Customers are Saving Money

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Texas has the benefit of having deregulated energy laws, which makes prepaid electricity in Dallas Texas an option to all those living in the state. Prepaid electricity saves customers money by providing less expensive deposits, startup fees, monthly fees and penalty fees. Prepaid electricity has also proven to lower a customer’s average bill on a monthly basis. These 5 aspects alone represent a huge amount of money being saved as serve as a heavy influence as to why many Texas prepaid electricity customers are switching from the standard postpaid electricity to prepaid electricity.

Because money is being paid upfront, Texas customers first save money because they do not need to pay an initial deposit. There is no risk for the electric company since the sale of electricity is happening up front, so there is no need for a pricy deposit to be collected. Electricity being bought up front also means that there is no payment at the end of the month, which indicates that the consumer won’t have an outdated bill hanging over their heads. This, in turn, means that the customer will never be charged late fees, which is yet another way that customers utilizing prepaid electricity will save money.

Another way that prepaid electricity Texas customers who are signed up for prepaid electricity are able to save money is due to cheaper startup and service fees. Once a smart meter has been installed for the business or residence, nearly all of the startup process can be done remotely, without the electric technician needing to drive to the domain. This is also true for a majority of service requests for when the electricity is not working or is not functioning properly. When the electric companies are able to save money by needing less service workers out on repair visits to houses and businesses, the customers also save money. Quicker, more efficient service repairs mean less money out of the pockets of paying customers. This also means that the monthly fees and taxes are eliminated when opting to use a prepaid electricity service plan. This can be ideal for people that travel frequently and spend a great deal of time away from home. It would be a giant hassle to cancel your electric service for certain weeks or months that you would be out of town in an effort to eliminate monthly fees and taxes. With prepaid electricity, a customer can save money by stretching the energy purchased over multiple months and never be charged any monthly fees. What the customer pays up front is the total amount they pay, regardless of the time lapsed in the expending of that energy.

The biggest way that Texas prepaid customers save money is through a less expensive monthly bill. The electricity is bought up front and the total amount is in a reserve that can be depleted as time moves forward and energy is expended. This has led to Texas customers being more responsible and frugal with the electricity they use. When customers make a conscientious decision to use electricity less often, this stretches the time lapsed before customers will need to replenish their electricity reserve with another prepaid purchase. Texas customers are also able to closely monitor their electricity consumed via a smart meter that sends data to their phone or computer. This means customers can see reports of key appliances that are using abnormally large amounts of electricity, as well as being able to see key times of the day or week that show spikes in electricity consumption. Studying the smart meter can lead the consumer to making smarter energy decisions which will routinely save them money. Monitoring the smart meter also means that there will be no terrifying surprises when looking at an end of month electric bill. Often customers may use exorbitant amounts of electricity because they are unaware of the cost it entails and quite frankly unaware of the unnecessary energy they are expending. Switching to prepaid electricity also locks in your current rate on the cost of energy. Electricity is purchased in kilowatt-hours at a fixed rate up front, so along with having no surprises in the amount of energy expended, the customer is also afforded the luxury of having no surprises in the cost being billed for each kilowatt-hour being used.

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