How Not to Clean Your UPVC Windows and Doors

How Not to Clean Your UPVC Windows and Doors

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Conservatory Cleaning Cheshire is a UPVC cleaning Cheshire company that has been helping the people of Cheshire upkeep and maintain their homes for a number of years now.

We know better than anyone that when it comes to cleaning UPVC, many people out there are not entirely sure of the best methods for cleaning and maintaining their windows and doors.

In this blog, Conservatory Cleaning Cheshire is going to tell you how not to clean your conservatory so that you can avoid any potential mistakes along the way.

Does UPVC Really Need Cleaning?

The huge boom in the interest of UPVC came about a few years ago, the material became popular due to its great look and low maintenance needs that traditional materials simply could not compete with.

It has been believed for a long time that UPVC does not fade, rot, deteriorate and it is not as effected by the elements as other materials are.

This is only partially true.

Speak to a UPVC cleaning Cheshire company and they will tell you how important adequate maintenance really is.

Avoid Harsh and Abrasive Chemicals  

Harsh and abrasive chemicals such as bleach and white spirits have the potential to permanently damage your UPVC windows and doors.

We strongly suggest avoiding them at all costs and using a solution that is not either harsh or abrasive and partially diluted.

Conservatory Cleaning Cheshire use a non harsh, diluted chemical that is administered to each problem area before a thorough cleaning to lift any dirt build ups whilst not damaging the material.

If you are not sure about what chemicals to use, speak to your conservatory cleaning Cheshire experts today for help and advice.

Speak to The UPVC Cleaning Cheshire Experts Today

Conservatory Cleaning Cheshire always use the appropriate substances for the job, our professional service ensures that UPVC is unharmed and well maintained.

Call us today to discuss how we can help improve the look of your home.

Make Sure You Have the Right Tools for The Job

Ensuring that you are fully equipped, armed with the correct tools for the job is an absolute must before you take on any UPVC within your home.

You need to make sure that you have sponges and brushes that will not damage or discolour your UPVC frames.

It is also important that you do not apply to much pressure when cleaning as this can lead to damage.

Avoid at all costs using scouring pads and other rough surfaced cleaning tools as they can scratch and discolour white surfaces.

Speak to The UPVC Cleaning Cheshire Experts Today

The UPVC Cleaning Cheshire experts at Conservatory Cleaning Cheshire can help, make sure your UPVC looks great all year round.

We have a package to meet everyone’s needs and budget, give us a call today for a free no obligation quote and to request a time and date for us to visit your home.

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