How Mass-Produced Wicker Furniture Isn’t Worth Your Time

How Mass-Produced Wicker Furniture Isn’t Worth Your Time

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Summary: Wicker and rattan products are being produced at a high rate, but at the cost of quality.

When it comes to indoor or outdoor rattan furniture, there’s a major difference between authentic pieces and fake. This article is designed to showcase some of the primary differences along with how it’s manufactured, so you have a better understanding of what to look for in quality wicker furniture.

The Weave Pattern

Indoor rattan furniture, or better yet all wicker furniture, is hand-woven by a professional that creates it one row at a time. Now, when manufacturers look to emphasize quantity of quality, the wicker is woven ten times faster than the individual doing it by hand, allowing more pieces to be pushed out, but at the sacrifice of quality.

Now, mass production will often result in a variety of patterns that sway in different directions and spacing that isn’t symmetrical or identical to one another. This is mainly because it’s almost impossible to adjust the strands while keeping them straight when working with a huge number of rows.

The Manufacturing Process

Today’s consumers aren’t aware of the complex process that is involved in creating wicker furniture. For instance, a genuine wicker sofa and a manufactured one aren’t the same. Now, while they may look it, there are massive differences in both the material and the type of weave implemented.

It’s important that you go with a trusted manufacturer like Wicker Paradise if you’re considering authentic wicker furniture. If you opt for the alternative, you’re likely paying or a piece that’ll only last you a considerable amount of time – maybe months, maybe years.

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