How Does Seattle’s Winter Impact the Real Estate Market?

How Does Seattle’s Winter Impact the Real Estate Market?

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Cold weather can mean a frozen real estate market depending on the part of the country you live. It also depends on where you’re purchasing or selling the home. When you’re thinking, I need to sell my house Seattle, winters could have a definite impact on the time of year you should list your home. This could vary in a place that sees constant warm weather though. Those who live in cold weather climates might be looking to relocate, and they’ll choose winter to do that.

Understand the Market for Your Area
While winter is a popular time of year to sell in a place like Florida, it’s not the best time to sell in Washington. People in the northern part of the country are often looking to relocate to warmer climates, so it makes sense to list your Florida home in the winter for these snowbirds.

Holiday Real Estate
While there are some seasonal facts that influence certain areas of the country as mentioned above, there are some universal times of the year that are bad for listing your home too. Around the holidays, it doesn’t make sense to list your home. People aren’t looking to buy at that time. Don’t list your home between November and January.

The School Year
Families will rarely move during the school year either. It’s too disruptive to the children. They’ll wait until the end of the school year to start looking for a home to purchase. This also gives them more free time to take vacations to visit new locations if they’re planning to move out of state.

Seasonality for Buyers
When you’re a home buyer, it might make more sense to buy in the winter. Others are not looking to make a purchase, so there’s less competition. There are likely to be less choices too. This will be a good time to get a bargain on a home.

Sellers and the Seasons
As a seller, you’re likely to be a buyer as well. This means that one season will be fantastic for selling, but the opposite is true for buying. You’ll have to weigh this into your decisions when figuring out the best time to sell your home.

Tips for Selling in the Winter

Clear the Walkways. When showing in winter, shovel the driveway and the walk for visitors.
Curb Appeal Matters. If there’s no snow on the ground, rake any leaves and leave some winter greenery around the entry.

Light the Home Properly. It’ll get dark early in the winter. Have adequate lighting inside and outside of the home to make it more appealing.

Keep it Warm. If there’s a fireplace, have a fire on when visitors are coming. Have all the rooms warm and cozy because potential buyers will be conscious of the heat.

If you need to sell your home in the winter, you will be looking at less foot traffic to your open house. There will be fewer potential buyers, but those who do show up to look at your listing are more likely to be motivated buyers. Fewer buyers means you might have to lower your asking price or wait until the warmer months to list your home.