How can I improve my home value?

How can I improve my home value?

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With housing values increasing, now is the time to devote to your home to make the most of its value. Whether you just bought a house or you have lived there for a while, the fastest way to raise your home’s value is by making a strategic plan. Below are some useful tips for home enhancement projects that will increase your home value.

Upgrade Your Kitchen

All experts agree that a kitchen makeover should be at the topmost of your list, as it’s the heart of any home where families spend most of their time. A couple of absolutes include upgrading to stainless steel equipment and setting up countertops made from engineered stone because these fairly modifications will improve the visual appeal of the space. Minor details can also make a difference, like putting shiny knobs on cabinets and purchasing a sparkling new faucet for the sink.

Bathroom and Toilet Repairs

It is likely possible to go crazy renovating a bathroom with new showers, toilets, tubs, and cabinetry. Repairs, like painting the partitions and replacing tile cement, can work miracles. Clean out your exhaust fan and repair chips in the bathtub or sink to make fixtures look like new.

External Wall Repair and Painting

The very first thing that a potential buyer will observe is the outside of your home, so it’s worth getting it pressure washed, and making sure that your home looks its best outside and in. Properties that appear run down, old, or ugly just won’t make the cut. There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to make your home look fresh, modern and more universally appealing.

Painting Interior Walls

There are certain trends that come and go in interior design. You may have noticed that many new model homes come with colored, ‘feature’ walls rather than blank, white ones. Buyers can interpret a white-walled home as being boring and devoid of character, while the right colors can be exciting.

Upgrade Doors and Windows

Aside from looking chic, new doors or windows make your home more energy efficient and can lead to more reasonable household running costs which many buyers are attracted to.

Internal and external Lighting Fixtures

The cost of lighting fixtures can be very expensive, but if you have old-fashioned lights with paper lampshades, it’s probably time for a renovation. Lighting is really vital when selling your home. Know what is worth spending money on and what tips are a waste of money.

Roof and Foundations

The construction of your home may not be as obvious to buyers at first look as many of other factors, but a poor inspection report due to faults in your roof or fundamentals could break your sale at the last moment and cost you much more.

Selling a home in any competitive real estate market can be facilitated by having a fully functional, aesthetically attractive home. Simply offering the lowest price on the block is not enough to make a lasting impression. When possible purchasers are inspecting several homes in your area, you’ll want yours to be the one that stands out for the right details and reasons. Raise your home value while selling your home, Keller Williams Memorial can help you to increase your property value.

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