Home staging advice from the pros 

Home staging advice from the pros 

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When you are putting your home up for sell, you always have hopes that it will sell for top dollar and also sell fast. Home sellers have found some few tricks that help them sell their homes fast. Some home owners result to cheap home make overs such as painting the walls, sprucing up the gardens and many others. However, you are not limited to these tactics. Home staging has become a popular practice for home owners. They hire a professional stager who bring out the best in your home. Even though your home might be immaculate and stylish, a home stager will stage your home so potential buyers can envision themselves living there. This article highlights a number of home staging tips that the experts use.

To be honest, daily living comes with a fair share of clutter. Whether it is too much furniture, a stack of unopened mail or that junk drawer in the kitchen. When you are looking to sell, you want a clean and pristine look. Clutter makes the house look busy and gives the illusion of lack of space. Professional stagers will rearrange and reallocate your belongings so they can present the property in the best light. They might even take out some of your furniture to make the home look bigger.

Home lighting
Great lighting can make any room feel warm and welcoming. Many homes do not have enough natural light and they are improperly lighted. To remedy this problem most home stagers will increase the wattage of the lamps as well as the fixtures. They also increase the types of lighting in the room so each room has a bout three types of light. If you are looking to put up your homes for sale in parker this is a trick that you should most definitely use.

Curb Appeal
The front of your house is the first thing that potential buyers are going to see and they instantly make conclusions about the inside of the house. It is therefore a good idea to make it look beautiful. Proper yard care is a must if you want your front yard to look beautiful. Adding some potted plants, freshly painting the front door work great in giving a great first impression. If you have a fence in your front yard you can consider removing it entirely.

Expand spaces
It is all about tricking the mind that the room is bigger than it actually is in reality. What most owners do not realize is that dark wall color make the room smaller. Also, pushing furniture to the wall has the same effect. The home staging pros will suggest painting lighter neutral tones on the walls and consider floating the furniture such that they are grouped together but there is enough space to move between comfortably.