Home Staging: 3 Ways to Use Storage to Sell Your House Fast

Home Staging: 3 Ways to Use Storage to Sell Your House Fast

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Clutter is often the major reason why occupied properties take a long time to sell. Excess belongings can make a room feel smaller, causing the potential buyer to feel that the home doesn’t have much space. To deal with this dilemma and professionally stage your home,  onsite storage can come in handy.

To make your home marketable, the key lies in hiding your clutter. Below, you’ll find the different ways that storage can help you hide them well.

1. Declutter

Once you put your house up for sale, you’ll want to give potential buyers an accurate perception of the floor space they will be purchasing. This isn’t possible if you have too much clutter lying around your home. In particular, you should be creating space in the kitchen, living room, and bathroom as these are the places where buyers will be looking closely.

When home staging, items you should consider putting on storage include the following:

  • Photographs
  • Extra furniture
  • Personal collections
  • Toys for children
  • Boxes of packed belongings

As much as you can, clear out floor space throughout your house. This will make your home more appealing to potential buyers while giving them a precise overview of the property they are interested in buying. You may also choose to book a cleaning session when decluttering to lessen your burden during the home staging process.

2. Do repairs and improvements

The newer your house looks, the easier it will be for you to get it sold off. Storage gives you the opportunity to give your house a makeover and enables you to make the necessary repairs. With your belongings safe inside a storage unit, you no longer have to incur extra costs with them getting damaged because of your home improvement project.

You can avoid getting paint on your furniture and art collection, and prevent your sofa from getting covered with sawdust. Since you know your belongings are 100 percent safe inside the storage unit, you get to enjoy peace of mind and focus more on beautifying your home

3. Increase curb appeal

It’s not just your indoor space but also your outdoor space that can benefit from a storage unit. Since your home exterior is the first thing your potential buyers will see, it only makes sense to make a good impression. Bear in mind that buyers are unlikely to pick up a pamphlet if the property looks unattractive.

Transfer the clutter from your driveway and garage into a storage unit to give your buyers a good feeling about the property they’re considering to buy. For both photos and home showings, remove the following from your outdoor area:

  • Trailers
  • Boats
  • ATVs
  • Automobiles
  • RVs
  • Large outdoor, gardening and garage equipment

Place anything huge and obstructing out of the way, unless you’re selling it with your house. There are storage facilities that offer parking spaces and units for the purpose of storing vehicles. You can even keep your vehicles there for as long as it is necessary, or until you’re able to sell your home.

Simple Hacks for a Clutter-Free Look

Clutter is present in every home. Below are some hacks that will help keep clutter out of sight when a potential buyer is looking through your property.

  • Determine where potential buyers will look – Eager buyers will look for storage space and will find a way to peek into your cabinets, closets, and other storage areas. You need to make home buyers think that you have plenty of space so make sure to empty those storage spaces that you think they’ll be looking into.
  • Cut down on your stuff – Your buyers should be noticing your house and not your random belongings. The key lies in having fewer items to begin with. Find a way to get rid of all items that will prevent a buyer from seeing the beauty of your home.
  • Keep everything clean and organized – An orderly home is definitely a welcome sight to prospective buyers. Organize everything by type or color to make the interior appear coordinated so your potential buyers will feel like they are walking through a store or model home.

Remember, if buyers can peek inside a room, they probably will. Take note that first impressions do matter when selling a home. Make sure your home makes a good one by efficiently utilizing your rented storage unit and keeping clutter out of the way.


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