Home Carpet Maintenance Guide For People With Kids And Pets

Home Carpet Maintenance Guide For People With Kids And Pets

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Let’s face it, keeping a carpet clean in a home with kids and pets can be a major challenge. Spills, dirty shoes (and paws), and accidents are looming threats that can seriously mar the look and feel of your expensive floor coverings.

For those of you who are trying to manage a home with carpet, children, and critters, we know what you’re going through and we’re ready to help. This guide is designed for homes that have all three and while it may seem like you’re fighting a losing battle, we have some tips that can turn the odds in your favor.

The best way to keep your carpets clean is through routine maintenance. But sometimes you need to take additional measures of precaution and immediate attention to urgent matters to ensure that your carpet looks its best for as long as you own it. Just because you have children and/or pets doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice the beauty of your home.

Everything you need to know is in this guide. Read it, remember it, and refer to it often so as to remind yourself to take the necessary steps for the complete preservation of your home’s most prevalent furnishing.

Routine Maintenance

Here’s where you need to begin. Establish a consistent regimen of carpet care that you can stick to with some level of dedication. When you practice proper routine maintenance, you are helping your carpet thrive in your home and warding off any potential for long-term damage.


The most important aspect of routine care is vacuuming. When you vacuum your carpet you are eliminating all of the hair, grime, germs, dirt, bacteria and other unsavory contaminants that can get in your carpet from all of the places that your kids and pets spend most of their time. Children aren’t exactly mindful of carpet before they come running over it with dirty shoes or feet. Pets are even less mindful.

So in order to mitigate these potentially damaging impacts, routine vacuuming of the carpet is not only suggested but recommended. Most homes will usually need once a week care but if your home is particularly susceptible to the lasting effects that can come with little feet running around, you may want to up that number to twice a week.

It will severely reduce the amount of gunk and decrease the likelihood of foul odors emanating from within.

Deep Cleaning

This is the other important facet of any good routine maintenance plan and it’s something you can do yourself or hire a professional to do the task.

Vacuuming is a great way to keep your carpet fresh but it only solves part of the problem. Most machines only reach the surface-level stuff, but it’s much tougher to get those elements that have been ground in deep within the fibers all the way to the bottom of the carpet. For reaching those areas, a deeper clean is often needed.

Homeowners seeking out carpet cleaning in Virginia Beach have a number of options available to them. Some will rent a cleaning machine and the accompanying solutions to do the job themselves in an effort to save a little money. But if you really want the job done correctly and thoroughly, hiring a professional cleaning service is the way to go.

These companies have industrial strength cleansers and equipment that can easily eliminate dirt and tough stains that can and will set in when a mess isn’t cleaned up in a timely fashion. There is a lot of potential for spills and such to be missed in a home with kids or pets because the former isn’t always able or willing to let you know what’s happened and the latter can’t tell you they’ve just had an accident.

Preventive Measures

Vacuuming and professional cleaning are great ways to keep the carpet in top shape, but implementing these preventive methods to keep the dirt and grime from getting on it in the first place can go a long way too.

No Shoes in the House

Establish this rule and stick to it. Shoes are the mortal enemy of carpet because of all the places they go prior to stepping across your beautiful floor coverings. Removing carpet contaminants starts with removing shoes from the equation.

Stop a second and think about all of the places you were today in your shoes. The mall, the sidewalk, the soccer field, all of those areas are chock full of dirt and bacteria. Now consider where you kids’ shoes have been today and you may decide right then and there that it’s time for the “No Shoes” rule.

Wiping Paws

When you walk your dog or let your pooch run around outside in the backyard, they can bring in all kinds of dust, mud, and dirt. Cats may or may not go outdoors but nearly all of them are stepping into a litter box multiple times in the day.

If you don’t want to quarantine your carpet from pet interaction (and really, why would you even consider locking your furry friends out of certain rooms), then the best plan of preventive attack is to wipe off their paws before they step onto your carpet.

It’s pretty simple, grab a wet wipe or damp paper towel and gently clean all four paws before your best buddy goes romping on your plush pile.

Carpet Technology

Many new carpets now come with protective coatings and stain-resistant fibers to help keep your carpet looking its best regardless of the environmental impacts that might be rendered upon it. You can find a wide array of fabrics and materials that have been treated with certain compounds and other components that make cleaning up after your kids and pets a cinch. Even if you can’t get right to the stain immediately.

Many homeowners prefer to use these types of materials in kid and pet friendly homes because they provide a significant level of convenience when trying to maintain a gorgeous carpet that will beautify your residence for years to come.

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