Handy safety tips for Hurricane Harvey Flood: stay safe

Handy safety tips for Hurricane Harvey Flood: stay safe

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Hurricane Harvey was the worst natural threat Texas had experienced recently. The destructive power of a hurricane is not only its storm but also the risk of flood, which has devastated Texas residents’ life and health badly. Therefore it has become important to learn the preventions from a flood caused by a hurricane so that similar incidents of flood damage from Texas hurricane Harvey can be largely minimized.

Do not get into waterlogged area with your car/vehicle

Regardless you have an MUV, SUV or a sedan, it is mandatory that you should not go into a flooded road because there is high chance that the water current may spoil the balance of your vehicle and you may get drowned in water, which may turn fatal. Equally, it is important to void waterlogged road, because you have no idea about the depth of water. It has been watched that only 6 inches deep flood water can cause a major slip of footstep.

Take a constant watch

Hurricane may cause floodwater to intrude in your house. If any such problem occurs, keep a watch on the latest update. If there is no electricity, keep on checking updates on your mobile internet. If there is a red alert in your area, try to relocate immediately with family.

Learn the safety tips

Flood is the other side of a disaster like a hurricane. It may cause huge damage to your household assets and overall damage in the locality. Therefore it is important that you learn the flood safety tips and let other people learn from you. Timely precaution is better than arbitrary action.

Food safety and drinking water safety

Food safety is ultra-important because this ensures health safety for you and your family. Never have anything contaminated or quality compromised. If mineral water is not available, you need to boil water so that you can stay away from stomach upset. This is applicable for all especially for kids and senior members of the house.

Take proper snaps of your property

It is important to you that you have done home insurance. Take a few snaps, which will cover your responsibility while claiming insurance reimbursement.  If you are not confident in taking snaps, it is better to get the job done by someone you can trust and with a better level of snap taking skill.

These are the tips you should follow at the time of hurricane causing a flood in your locality. It is always wise to stay connected with locality so that you need feel alone and confused.


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