Guidelines to be followed when packing Fragile items

Guidelines to be followed when packing Fragile items

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Packing is a boring weather it’s house moving packing or travelling packing. Its complicated especially when you have a lot fragile items with you to carry. When you’re moving your house it’s even more complicated because you have so many delicate items  to be moved and its undeniable that at least one item get damage during moving process and your stressed out about it . In residential moving you have glassware, chinaware, crockery, delicate furniture pieces (antiques), paintings, electronic equipment, artwork, mirrors, lamps, musical instruments and so on these items should be handled with uttermost care. Any slight negligence when moving these items many result in damage and loss of money

In some case you hire professional to packers and movers in Chennai for packing  your fragile items when moving they charge extra money to provide extra care for your items. Some time its worth to spend on packers and movers for your expensive items care.

Lets check few packing ideas that safeguards your items from breaking when move them.

Finding Right Material

Packing its self is an intimidating and demanding job that needs to be done with full attentions. A little bit of carelessness during packing can be powerful damage to your items. So you should choose the right quality packing material to pack your items. Some common packing material use to pack fragile items are packing cushions, packing peanuts, thermo coal sheets, cloths, foam sheet and bubble wraps are prove to be the best to protect your items.

In some cases of packing you came use cloths to wrap your items that is suitable in few cases. If your using any cardboard boxes ensuresthat they are strong enough to hold large and heavy items. Also a packing tape of highest quality is always helpful in packing fragile items.

Using Right boxes

When packing its good to use the original boxes of the items that have been brought because they are designed to give good protection to your stuff. Preparing the containers for storing your breakables is just as important as protecting the fragile items themselves. Inspect the boxes for structural damage, signs of water damage. Tape the bottom and the sides of each box as additional protection against the possible damage. Place crumbled paper on the bottom of container to provide a shock absorbent layer avoiding vibrations and accidental hits during moving or transportation. Packing breakables for moving is all about following major safety rules.Make use of good cushions or padding sheets for fragile items during packing so that you will find them in one piece after the move.

Don’t move them unless needed

Fragile items should not be moved frequently because they are fragile we know it sound funny but true. Because a slight touch or careless movingor accidental hits when handling these item results in huge damage. Move these items when needed and don’t over load them or place in a crowded area where chances of breakage are high. Also never over load fragile items packing as it may lead to breakage.

Never leave spaces in packing

Many experts and professional advice in packing and moving is that never pack your items loosely. Loose packing is always dangerous as items inside the boxes moves and can be a cause of breakage. Most of the times it’s good to use a tight box for packing or the original box in which the items where brought.

Use small to big size boxes for the fragile and don’t pack the containers too heavy to lift and carry.  Bubble wrap is one of the oldest and still the best packing material that should be used when your packing by major packers and movers company and we can see that many online companies use bubble wrap to protect their items during shipping

Different packing for different items

While packing fragile things there should not be any extra space in the packing box as it might cause damage. If you are putting any kind of food plates in cardboard box then make sure that you are putting them in a flat way and before putting them in to the box pack them with foam sheet overall. While packing other stuffs it is advised that packing box should not be stuffed, but while packing fragile things there should not be any extra space.

Now lets talk about the glassware that needs perfect packing. The glasses should be packed completely differently from any other breakable thing. Get enough old unnecessary papersand crumble them and then put them into the glasses,mugs,cups and wrap the outer part with bubble wraps. In case of papers you can use small pieces of cloth to wrap glassware or any fragile items

While packing the lamps first separate the lamp shade and the base. While the base can be packed and put in any other box you have to be very careful with the lamp shades. Get enough papers and foam sheets to pack the shades and put it gently in a box full of packing peanuts.  If possible wrap the lamp bubbles it cloths or bubble wrap for extra protection

Labeling your boxes

Labeling helps you identify any box easily when relocating not only fragile but any items. Writing the content names on top boxes like plate, books, glasses also saves your time when arranging them as you can place the boxes in respective rooms.

If your taking help of any packers and movers Chennai educate them about your boxes and the items in them. Give detailed information about the boxes that contain delicate items as they are chances of mishandling them and those items are important for you. Write FRAGILE OR HANDLE WITH CARE in block letters on atleast two sides of each box else stick so printed paper on the boxes.

When relocation or moving you should be prepared to do a lot of cleaning stuff and some time with the stress about moving you can be disturbed.

You will need to be extremely careful when carrying those boxes to the awaiting moving vehicle, then loading them safely for problem free transportation, and finally unloading and carrying them inside your new residence. Use straps or ropes to secure your boxes inside the moving vehicles and drive with caution. It’s distressing to receive damaged items even after a lot of carefully planned moving so it’simportant to adhere to strong safety measures when moving your valuables.