Great idea for kid bathroom decorations

Great idea for kid bathroom decorations

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Bath time is a challenging part of the day. Every mom has had the experience of trying to get their little bundle of joy to bathe with some modicum of steadiness and quiet. The thing about kids is that they need to be active; they need constant distractions to keep their curious little minds on the go and on the swivel. They are learning, they are still processing and taking in the world; every day is filled with wonders, and if you the baths to go well you must give them something to relate to in the space.

Here are a number of kid bathroom decor suggestions. These kid bathroom ideas will make bath time a bit easier for you both.

Wall art

Children, even small children, are a lot more perceptive than you might think. You should decorate the bathroom wall with art that they’ve made. At that age it will consist mostly of finger paintings and hand impressions, but the image might just recall the pleasure of when they made.


No parent can go wrong with a Legos. The colors, the shapes, the interest and intrigue that it arouses—a Lego themed bathroom is certain to enthrall your baby enough to let you bathe and clean them.

Flower art

Regardless of the gender of your child, decorating their bathroom with flowery colors will instantly bring a sense of calm and ease. You should experiment with different images and colors. Indeed, you do not actually need paint or have plastered on an actual flower. The arrangement of the colors is the most important thing; that is what will get and keep their attention.

Seashell shower spout

This is an easy way to make bathing a bit more fun and entertaining. Installing a seashell shaped water spout will make your child think of being elsewhere. It may also give them thoughts about being on the ocean.

Funny mirrors

Rather than installing a standard mirror you can shake things up a bit with a combination of mirrors shaped like your child’s favorite cartoon character. All kinds of characters are now represented by these mirror sets. You can get the one that your child loves best.

Fun towel hooks

Hanging your baby’s towels can even be turned into a form of entertainment. You can install a colorful towel rack and decorate the space adjacent to it with little friendly looking fish or animals. It is something that will enliven the atmosphere of the room.

Colorful cabinets

Lighter, more cheerful colors are recommended for the cabinets. And you need not purchase a cabinet set that is large and imposing. Going with something lighter and less ominous will probably make your child feel more comfortable in the space. Relaxing them in this way will lead to a greater willingness on their part to cooperate.

There are a great many bathroom ideas. The ones that have been discussed above can all be installed without paying an exorbitant amount of money. In any case, making bath time easier is well worth the investment.
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