Getting Your Gas Appliances Serviced and Maintained

Getting Your Gas Appliances Serviced and Maintained

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Unlike your television or refrigerator, any gas appliance in your home will need to be routinely inspected. Gas safety should be everyone’s priority, whether you’re a home owner or are responsible for commercial buildings.

Here we’ll provide you with an overview of what these inspections involve and why you should regularly have them carried out as well as inform you of the benefits in doing so.

Gas Safety 101

Both natural gas and LPG are used extensively throughout the home as an efficient source of energy. A faulty gas appliance has the ability to produce carbon monoxide, and if left undetected, can be fatal.

If you notice anything unusual about your gas appliances in their operation, it’s time to call a plumber. Some symptoms to look out for include:

  • Gas appliances that no longer work properly or as they used to.
  • Your appliance is burning with a slow yellow flame instead of a crisp and strong bright blue one.
  • There is considerable staining or black marks around the location where your gas appliance is fitted.
  • The pilot light of your appliance is continually being extinguished.
  • There is an increased level of condensation present within the room.

An Appliance Safety Check

A safety check will involve making sure that every appliance is safe to operate. A series of tests will be carried out as required and will get to the bottom of any problems. Plumbers in Melbourne and the Northern Suburbs will be able to carry out this inspection on your behalf. The procedure will usually include:

  • Checking for the correct adjustment of settings to ensure the appliance is burning properly.
  • Whether the appliance is located within a suitable room.
  • Whether it is securely fitted, stable and properly connected to a gas mains supply.
  • All flues and chimneys present are operational and working correctly.
  • There is a permanent air supply available to the appliance which is adequate for safe operation.

Appliance Servicing

The servicing of any gas appliance will include for all of the above services including additional measures to ensure the appliance continues to operate properly. This will include:

  • The replacement of any applicable filters.
  • An analysis of combustion gasses to ensure correct air to fuel ratio and that gas is being burned as it should.
  • An overall check of the appliances condition which will highlight any defective seals or parts that need replacing.

Flues and Chimneys

It is important that any flue or chimney connected to gas appliance is also checked for safety and overall condition. It is the job of a flue to safely vent fumes and gas away from your home so that you aren’t breathing in contaminated air. These flues can become blocked over time due to the presence of dead birds as well as damaged due to strong winds.

If you share a flue with a neighbour, you’ll both be jointly responsible for ensuring that it is working efficiently as carbon monoxide can enter properties through shared vents.

Following our advice will provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your home is as safe as can be and your loved ones are protected.