Get rid of rats and mice efficiently

Get rid of rats and mice efficiently

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If you think that your house or commercial premises has become a cosy home for rats or mice or if you believe that they are making forays in to the kitchen, your bins or that the noise in the roof space sounds like you have clog dancers then you must take swift action.

Pest control

Please call Pest Control Hampshire and Berkshire experts like the long-established Pest Control Berkshire about vermin control because they are experts who have access to treatments that aren’t in the public domain and these regularly work far better than over the counter methods.

Don’t waste your time on DIY rats and mice evictions because many of them can be consumed by vermin with no ill effects.

Professionals have the knowledge and experience to get rid of rats and mice efficiently. They know how vermin’s minds work too.

To get of rats and mice pest controllers outwit them and vermin are clever. They have emotions and fantastic memories. For example, they remember the safe route to food and will warn others of an unsafe route. Their eye bulging and chattering means they’re happy not that they want to torment humans.

Act before they breed

Pest control Hampshire and Berkshire firms appreciate that rats and mice breed at an awe-inspiring rate.

If they’re using your property as their home in cooler months, it’s imperative to get rid of rats and mice before spring and the breeding season begins.

Try to read the following without climbing on to a chair, screaming or vowing not to enter any premises that could house pests.

  • Mice have litters of 4-16 pups.
  • They can bear up to 8 litters per year.
  • Pups reach maturity in weeks not years.
  • Once mature they can breed.
  • Rats have litters of 5-10 pups.
  • They produce up to 6 litters per year.
  • Pups mature within weeks.
  • When matured the breeding, process starts again.

This means that 1 mother mouse or rat who produces 10 pups of which 5 are female only has to wait a few months to become a grandmother to between 20 and 80 pups and after a few more months she’ll be a great grandmother. Your home is a maternity unit, congratulations!


If you’ve determined that you need to get rid of rats or mice but you aren’t sure which you are playing host to, there are some clues to help.

Rat droppings are banana shaped and they poop around forty times each day.

Mouse droppings have pointed ends and these critters poop about 80 times per day.

Black rats prefer to build nests higher rather than their cousins, the brown rats.

Mice build nests in burrows.

Rats: Big feet, small ears and a thick hair free tails and body measurements between 15cm and 40cm.

Mice: Pest control Hampshire and Berkshire experts advise that mice are hairier and shorter and often live in cavity walls, cupboards or fireplaces.

Don’t cower in the corner, trust professionals with vermin control.

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