Four Qualities to Look for in a Hospital Laundry Cart

Four Qualities to Look for in a Hospital Laundry Cart

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Are you looking for a new laundry cart to add to the fleet at your local hospital? If so, there are some features that make one laundry cart better than others. Checkout four qualities to look for when shopping for a laundry cart for a hospital.

Space to Accommodate Your Inventory of Laundry

The size of your laundry cart should suit the number of towels, washcloths and bed linens it has to transport. Think about how many items you collect in one corridor of hospital rooms. In short, you want a cart that can carry all of the items you need it to before moving down to the laundry room to start washing.

Appropriate Casters

It’s important to choose a laundry cart with appropriate casters. This means the casters should be able to travel safely over the floors of the hospital. One question to answer is whether you need rigid casters or moveable ones for the cart’s route through the hospital.

Safe Wheels

The wheels of a hospital cart should be just as reliable as its casters. Will the cart travel over wet or bumpy floors? If so, the wheels as well as the casters need to be ready for that kind of terrain. This is for both the safety of the patients and the employees.

A Durable Structure

A quality laundry cart is made of durable fabric that is easily cleaned. You want to know that the body of your cart will not take on any holes or damage that could result in a safety hazard or lost items. Feeling the fabric on a laundry cart is a good way to tell whether the fabric is well-made.

Lastly, one of the best ways to choose the right laundry cart for a hospital is to test out a few. Are they easy to move? Are they made to endure under the traveling they’ll do throughout the day and night in a hospital? These are just a couple of questions that can help you make your final choice.