Follow These Maintenance Tips To Keep Air Conditioner In Prime Shape

Follow These Maintenance Tips To Keep Air Conditioner In Prime Shape

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An air conditioner is a must-have in every home or office as the main tool to combat the relentless summer heat. Just like any other appliance, it requires regular care and maintenance. It’s not uncommon that people wait for it to break completely and then cry for help, but it is better to be smarter than that and schedule regular maintenance once a year and avoid any unpleasant surprises. The experts at shared some information with me to help me better understand why regular AC maintenance is good and what exactly needs to be done.

Replace Filters

A filter is one of the parts of an AC which probably requires most cleaning and eventually a replacement. Ideally, they need to be cleaned once a month during the season if they can be washed, if that’s not the case, you should replace them. It is important to keep this practice steady for 2 reasons, you want to have a germ-free air in your home and you don’t want to waste extra electricity on a machine that does its best to perform with clogged filters. Of course, if you don’t feel confident enough to do this on your own, professional help is always there.

Use A Timer

Wasting energy with a turned on AC while you are not at home is just that, a waste. People tend to do this because they want to enter a nicely cooled space when they finally finish their working day, nothing wrong with that. You can still have that if you use a timer that allows you to remotely manipulate your AC via a phone app. This way you can save a lot of energy and reduce the monthly bill.

Use Blinds And Fans

It might sound a bit silly but blinds can actually help you reduce the temperature by preventing the sunlight from getting in. Nothing drastic though, but a degree or two surely would be appreciated. Another useful trick is fans. Why would you use fans if you already have an AC you might ask? Well, fans are especially useful when you want to cool down a bigger room. Placing them strategically below the AC’s airflow they would spread the cool air to farther parts of the room.

Annual Maintenance

As I already mentioned in the intro, it is crucial to have scheduled maintenance at least once a year. If your manufacturer does not offer such a service, you can hire someone else. One regular checkup right before the summer is important if you want to make sure your AC isn’t going to fail when you need it most. Several things should be performed here: cleaning/replacement of filters, readjusting of fans, lubrication of moving parts, blowers cleaning, etc. This way you are preventing any sudden malfunction during the hottest days. You can learn more about AC maintenance at this link.

Upgrade Your AC

Times change and with that machines we use have to go along with new trends. There are certain rules to which a modern AC unit has to abide. One of those is energy expenditure, and federal law states that an AC has to have a certain number of SEER and EER (Season energy-efficiency ratio and energy efficiency ratio, the first one is for central units, the seconds one for window units). The minimum SEER is 14 and EER is 8.


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